15 Sports Anime Worth Watching Throughout The Decades


Don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it; a whole animated series devoted to a single sport may be just as exciting as any other live sports game. Some of these dynamic and dramatic sports anime are surprisingly emotional, revealing the nuances of why humans push themselves to the brink and providing light on human nature, wants, and motivation. A well-executed sports anime allows us to observe the character and team development potential. Here are fifteen of the finest Japanese sports anime that will tug at your emotions.

Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko no Basuke is regarded as one of the finest sports anime of the last ten years, and it has captivated viewers ever since it debuted. The legends of Teiko Middle School’s basketball team’s prodigies, collectively known as the Generation of Miracles, are the focus of the series. After graduating, the five prodigy athletes went their own ways to attend elite institutions. The anime recounts the journey of the basketball squad at Seirin High, which includes the reputed sixth prodigy, Kuroko Tetsuya. Although though Kuroko appears to lack natural talent, he has a unique style and a masterful strategy to lead his new squad to victory over his previous comrades and become the best team in Japan.


Haikyuu! is an anime whose popularity has not diminished even years after its release. The anime focuses on the experiences of Hinata Shouyu, an ordinary youngster who discovered his passion for volleyball after stumbling into a broadcast of a championship match. Hinata joins the high school volleyball team despite his less-than-smooth introduction to the sport, only to discover that his adversary, Kageyama, is on the same squad! Haikyuu! is replete with intricate character development and enthralling battles against top-tier teams, all set in a scenario that is immediately distinctive.


Despite popular belief, the Japanese card game karuta is a sport. Chihayafuru follows a strong-willed female protagonist, Chihaya Ayase, as she creates a karuta club in her high school with the intention of reaching the national championship with members who share her enthusiasm for the sport. Unexpectedly reunited with her arrogant but popular childhood buddy Taichi Mashima, whom she persuaded to join the club, the two gain momentum to meet their other childhood karuta acquaintance, the grandson of a master karuta player, Arata Wataya.

Yowamushi Pedal

Sakamichi Onoda, the protagonist of Yowamushi Pedal, is neither disillusioned nor enamored with the sport, unlike the protagonists of the majority of previous sports anime. Originally, he desired to join the anime club, but it was disbanded. Nonetheless, Onada has a natural flair for riding. Two serious freshmen riders, Shunsuke Imaizumi and Naruko, noticed him and persuaded Onada to join their high school bicycle racing club. This sports anime places a strong focus on community based on shared interest and genuine ties.

Prince of Stride

Combining parkour, free running, relay, and sprinting produces the extreme sport known as “stride.” Prince of Stride showcases this unique sport via two enthusiastic first-year students, Nana Sakurai and Takeru Fujiwara, who attended Honan Academy only for the stride squad. Due to a lack of members, the stride club is dormant, much to their dismay. Nana and Takeru revitalize the club by enlisting Riku Yagami, a swift runner who enjoys all sports. The purpose of this new stride squad is to win the famous End of Summer tournament and restore the reputation of the Honan stride team.

Ping Pong The Animation

Peco and Smile, who grew up playing ping pong together, will guide you through the fascinating voyage of the table tennis sport. Peco aspires to be the finest table tennis player in the world, whilst Smile is indifferent to the sport. Yet, they have remained together. This anime not only portrays the sport in a new way through a variety of matches and tournaments, but it also depicts the development and difficulties of the endearing characters, all with original visual designs.

Yuri!!! On Ice

If you’ve ever been defeated by a defeat, Yuri!!! On Ice is the appropriate sports anime to watch; the plot will strengthen your perseverance via the life of Yuri Katsuki, who was ready to give up his ice skates following the biggest loss of his career. When his hero, Victor Nikiforov, offers to train him, he decides to give it another attempt. You’ll be awestruck by the sport’s splendor and the individuals’ closeness, which are shown in awe-inspiring situations bursting with deep emotions.

Diamond no Ace

In the baseball team he played for in high school, Eijun Sawamura was the tallest player. When he transferred to the famous Seidou High School, the situation completely changed. Diamond no Ace follows Eijun as he discovers his place in his new squad of talented players and strives to become the diamond ace. You’ll be fed intricate connections that interweave with the main baseball plot—they may even influence the outcome of games!

Hajime-no Ippo

Hajime-no Ippo is all about the combat sport of boxing performed properly. Ippo Makunouchi is not the stereotypical boxer since he is frequently bullied. Ippo’s self-confidence began to grow as his new professional boxing acquaintance began teaching him the fundamentals of the combat sport. You will not only be captivated by Ippo’s boxing career, but also by the amazing graphics that accentuate the abilities of the distinct characters.

Prince of Tennis

Prince of Tennis focuses on the youthful tennis prodigy Ryoma Echizen, who rose to prominence at the tender age of 12. After dominating international contests, he returns to Japan and enrolls in the famed Seishun Academy, which is renowned as the home of the world’s best tennis players. The anime boasts outstanding tennis moves that will have you on the edge of your seat, but that’s not all; you’ll also be drawn in by Ryoma’s close relationship with his colleagues and even competitors as he develops as a tennis player and a person.


Free! combines all of the above and more, including exquisite art, passionate swimming, and dazzling humor. Haruka Nanase is reunited with three of his four boyhood pals, who combined won an exhilarating relay competition. With the addition of a fifth member, the school swim team hopes to be competitive enough to win the forthcoming competition against their former comrade, who is now a member of a prominent swim team.

Run With The Wind

Run With The Wind, as the title indicates, introduces the sport of running and concentrates on two college students, Kakeu and Haiji, who compete in a 10-part relay tournament known as Hakoden. Haiji pulled his nine roommates and transformed them into a gang of physically strong runners. The anime depicts the hardships and triumphs of the sport as well as the uplifting experiences of the individual characters.

Eyeshield 21

Sena Kobayakawa is the protagonist of Eyeshield 21, the only anime to revolve around American football. The recruitment staff of his senior high school’s American football program is impressed by his flawless speed and excellent talents, but there’s a catch: he has also been the subject of bullying. Sena perseveres and grows physically and intellectually to become one of the greatest quarterbacks in the country despite several other obstacles.

Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa, a 1983 soccer-themed animation, continues to win hearts today despite its age. It is even said to have influenced renowned athletes such as Lionel Messi. Tsubasa Oozora, the captain of his school’s soccer team, must find a balance between improving himself as a striker and the team’s overall success. The animation educates viewers on the paramount need of collaboration in a team sport such as this. Want to learn about the world of soccer/football of other countries? Check out LordPing.co.uk to learn about UK Football.

Slam Dunk

Last but not least is Slam Dunk, the original basketball animation. The protagonist of this famous anime is Hanamichi Sakuragi, who joins his school’s squad in order to impress a lady. He then develops a revolutionary enthusiasm for the sport. Hanamichi recruits misfits and delinquents like himself with the intention of molding them into the finest basketball team in the nation.


Even if you have no interest in the sports shown in this chosen selection of Japanese sports anime, you will be captivated by each of them – that is the beauty of these cartoons. Get ready to binge!