5 Letter Ending Words in T Read The Words Here!


This article explains a couple of additional five letter ending words in the T and their exact meanings. This can greatly assist you to improve your vocabulary.

Words that end with specific letters can be used to play word games such as Scrabble as well as Wordle All over the world. This article will give you a the words that have five letters ending with the letter T.

It’ll give you an organized list of words beginning with letters A, B C, D, and A and their meanings to expand your vocabulary. To learn more about five letter ending words in the T take a look at the complete article here.

Words consisting of 5 letters that begin with the letter A and ending T

  • Aalst is a city located in Belgium
  • Abbot is a man who heads an abbey of monks.
  • Abort – Call off, stop or close
  • Confession – admitting that you are honest
  • Allot is the term used to describe an amount or share
  • Amaut is a village located in the Uttar Pradesh state of India located in the pindra Tehsil.

Words Beginning with B

  • Beast is an animal particularly dangerous and a large four-footed
  • Befitting – to be suitable to be suitable for
  • Benet – to catch (something) within the form of a net

Read on to learn additional five letter words ending that begin with T.

  • Beset be studded or covered with
  • Bewet – to dribble or moisten thoroughly
  • Bight – a curve , or recess on the coastline, river or any other geographic feature.
  • Burnt produces sparks (of flames) and heat, while burning the material, such as wood or coal.
  • Burst – split open or break apart instantly and violently, particularly in the event of an impact.

Words that begin with C

  • Caret is a symbol that is placed beneath the line, to indicate that it is a suggestion for insert into the text.
  • The jaw is the Chaft.

Some other 5 letter ends Words in T

  • Chirt is an action in pressing down or squashing which lets out liquid
  • Chout is an amount gotten through blackmail that is equal to the equivalent of a quarter
  • Clapt is a simple past present of the word clap.
  • Clart – sticky mud; filth
  • Coact is the term used to describe how people act or cooperate
  • Compt – to compute or count
  • Coset is a set that is composed of all products that are obtained by multiplying every component of a subgroup order by one specific element of the group comprising the subgroup.
  • Crept is a term used to describe a person who moves carefully and slowly so as to not be not noticed or heard about

five letter ending words in D and beginning with D

  • Daunt is in order to cause someone else to feel fearful or nervous.
  • Dealt – distribute an orderly rotation of players to play an event
  • Degut to take out the intestines from; to disembowel and gut
  • Divot is a smalthatce made consisting of earth and grass, which is dug up accidentally.


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