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The article provides details regarding the 77 North Accident to update readers on the incident.

Do you know about the devastating crash that occurred on I-77 North early Thursday morning? The Thursday morning brought with it the news of a fatal accident that involved the dump truck and the ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) vehicle.

The dump truck headed towards I-77 North collided with the ODOT vehicle in the northbound lane at 7 am. Following incident, there was an explosion took place and the highway engineer suffered serious injuries. Many people in the United States were concerned over what would happen in the incident of the North Accident.

Ground Reports about the accident!

A few lanes of I-77 Summit County were blocked in the early hours of Thursday morning, following the collision of two vehicles about 7 AM. The collision took place one between an ODOT car and the dump truck heading northbound which was which was followed by an explosion and crash.

The official report of the town’s Sherriff says that the truck headed north struck the ODOT vehicle in the side at around 7 am. Just a couple of miles of Akron Canton Airport in Green, United States the accident occurred.

Both cars caught fire following the collision, which led to an explosion. The rescue team arrived at the scene, saved drivers and then took patients to the hospitals.

What happened to HTML0? the 77 North Accident happen?

The first responders and deputies on the scene of the accident said the two drivers were both rescued by the crew and then taken to the hospital to receive more treatment. The driver of the dump truck suffered severe injuries, however they weren’t life-threatening. Other highway technicians and employees were also injured, according to according to ODOT District 4 Director and Deputy Director Gery Noirot.

In the footage from CCTV the driver of the dump truck was seen to be veering off of the road and directly struck the ODOT truck. The driver was not visible trying to steer the vehicle in order to be safe from being involved in the accident. North Accident. A ODOT worker was preparing to pick up items when he pulled up at the roadside and saw his truck collision with a dump vehicle that was heading towards the north.

An investigation is in progress to determine what took place this morning. A witness said that motorists are now focusing more on their surroundings rather than the road.

Is there any cause in the accident?

Based on the initial reports from Sherriff There is no evidence of a causality been confirmed following the crash. The ODOT officers claimed it was an amazing experience to witness their employee survive the crash and collision Thursday morning.

A lot of people suffered serious injuries during the 77 North Accident. Both drivers sustained serious injuriesand were taken to hospitals. Highway workers also suffered injuries and were transported to the hospital. There are no fatalities that have been reported to the sheriff who was at the scene of the accident. Check out the details attentively to gain a better understanding.


A crash on the road occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning, at 7 am that shut down several lanes, causing confusion on the road. Fortunately, there have been no injuries or deaths that have been reported as a result of the road accident. But, ODOT employees and motorists suffered serious injuries as a result of the 77 North Accident. A thorough investigation is underway to determine what transpired in the early hours of Thursday, which resulted in a traffic accident.

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