August 2022 Alsina Jada Controversy Revealed!


This is an in-depth look at the past relationship and viral videos regarding August 2020 Alsina Jada.

Did you hear about Will Smith’s confession and the Oscar fiasco. For more information, please read the following!

Users All over the world are obsessed with Will Smith’s confession of guilt for August Alsina. The viral video of Will Smith hitting Chris has also created a sensation on the internet. The awkward Red carpet chart on the entanglement Wilson aslina is also in the news.

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August Alsina’s Oscar Incident

August Anthony Alsina Jr was born 3 September 1992. The American rapper and singer, August Anthony Alsina jr are well-known for their def jam and Orleans recordings. He had a romantic relationship with Jada Smith.

A clear picture of August Alsina’s and Jada’s toxic relationship was evident in all the Oscar Fiasco drama. He was so bound by the moment he shared the secret on stage that it was the private force that affected his professionalism and business skills.

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The Dust-Up

The 2015 relationship between Jada and Will Smith was not balanced. Jada’s involvement with RnB singers led to Will Smith’s divorce. They secretly planned to have a romantic relationship and they do plan on dating. After a few months, he had a disreputable and hindering career.

He had a chance to do so in 2022 at the Oscars. Will Smith and the audience were clear that Cris was toxic to him. Will Smith refused to accept his private affairs and made fun of Cris Rock.

August 2022 Alsina Jada Currently Relationship

Jada Smith spoke out about her relationship with August during a show interview, 10 July 2020. The conversation was broadcast on Facebook via the red table talk program. After the diversion from her husband she said that she began seeing August with her husband’s consent.

Jaden introduced August to her family, but Will Smith wasn’t happy about this. She also said that she was not happy about the obsession, and she went to Will Smith to seek reconciliation. Jada says that August is not in touch and barely talks to each other about their experience.

Cris Involvement with JadaSmith August Alsina Incident

Chris Rock hosted the Oscar ceremony on February 27, 2022 as comedian and host. The comedian embarrassed Will Smith after he received his 94th Academy Award.

Will Smith crossed the line, and he slapped Smith. He later regretted the violence and apologized.


We can conclude that the incident was caused by the couple’s unbalanced travel and past affairs. Will Smith, a man of etiquette and a gentleman of honor, regretted his behavior, and wrote a note of regret.

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