Benefits of Getting an Invent Help Patent Services Find Its Costs Too !


The process of obtaining an Invent Assistance Patent Services: When you are the inventor, getting an invention patent is a way to secure your invention. It protects your invention from infringers as well as copycats. But the process of applying for a patent may take time and cost money. Here, we’ll outline the reasons you should file for an invention patent and what it will cost. When you’ve got the details you will find it simpler to determine if patenting your idea is worth the expense. And you will also know the right way to conduct a patent search/söka patent.


The cost of obtaining an invention patent can range from $1,250 for a simple invention to $2,500 for more intricate one. The cost of a software-related invention tend to be more expensive than mechanical inventions. Drawings that are professionally drawn can raise the price of patents by $300 to $500. A self-made application may be cheaper. If you decide to employ an attorney to draft your patent however, the costs are likely to be more expensive.

Patent prosecution involves a back and forth in an Patent Office. If you submit an application for patent, and the examiner from the Patent Office issues an Office action and your attorney reacts to it. The typical quantity of Office actions per instance is 4.2. Although it’s not an ideal thing to have your invention rejected, there are many ways to lower your expenses. In the beginning, ensure that you’re certain of the scope of your invention. This will assist you and your Patent attorney concentrate on the specifics about your concept.

Time needed

The length of time required to obtain patents is dependent on several aspects, including the kind of technology employed and the amount of references to prior art. Certain areas require more time to study, like life sciences or biomedical and others, while some may be more efficient. For instance, a high-tech invention that is related to a novel business model could take more time than an ordinary design patent. The entire process could differ from one country to the next however, the typical waiting time within the US is between two and three years.

The time required to obtain the patent is reduced by making the process faster. Patent offices have specific art units that review only the specific type of innovation and therefore the process could be speeded up in certain areas. Another factor that can affect how fast a patent is granted depends on the applicant’s size. In the case of a big business, it could hinder the pursuit of patents. In such instances the amount of time required for the process of obtaining a patent could be more than anticipated and the cost could be significant.


There are numerous benefits of having patents. It can, for instance, increase your earnings. This can result in more research and investment. Additionally, you can get a special tax advantages for the earnings that you make from inventions that are patentable. If you’re not sure of whether the idea of patenting your concept is worth the effort and money, you should consider some other aspects. These considerations can help you determine whether obtaining a patent is worthwhile in the long run for you and your business.

The InventHelp Patent service is an excellent option to protect your idea. Patents are legal document that safeguards the invention’s functionality, design as well as its use. Also, it gives you exclusive protection against competitors. Patents are only valid for the company’s own technology and there is no competition. Therefore, you can charge a premium cost to market your invention. Patents from InventHelp also stops competitors from copying your concept, allowing you to generate a significant profit.

Costs for applying for an invention

The fees to apply for a patent differ from case-to-case however, you can expect for a cost of between $15,000 and $20,000 for the entire procedure. The costs include the patent search that determines whether your invention is unique. The search is about $220 for each claim, and you’ll need the additional fee of $52 per claim if you require professional drawings. Apart from the fees to submit a patent application and other fees related to this procedure.

The cost of applying for a patent in Canada are similar that in US applications, with the exception that there are some additional fees. Canadian Intellectual Property Office has an additional fee. A modest fee for an entity application of $200 Canadian dollars will grant you a patent, whereas the standard fee for entity applications is $400. In addition, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office can also charge you a complete cost of 200 Canadian dollars. In addition, you must pay the fee for foreign patent applications.

Benefits of obtaining Patented Patent

There are many advantages having an patent. In the first place, patents help to further innovate and research within the area. Furthermore, they grow in value with time. In the end, patent-protected products are more valuable and are commonly employed in the creation of the development of new products. But, it is essential to get the patent owner’s permission prior to making use of the patent in creating your next great thing. This way the patent owner can gain from the invention.

Another important benefit of having an invention patent can be that it grants an individual the right own an exclusive marketplace for the invention. This means you are entitled to sell as well as distribute and import your invention, without any other person selling it. This is a major benefit for small businesses because it protects their interests from competition. Furthermore, patent holders are able to offer their ideas to businesses which allows them to profit from their monopoly status and ensure their earnings.

Secure Your Technology

Another benefit of patents is that they secures your invention through a period of up to twenty years. After that, everyone can benefit from the technology. However, this isn’t a huge benefit, particularly when you think about the system of society. A patent is a legal contract with the inventor which gives the inventor exclusive rights to a particular product for a specific amount of time. In return the inventor is required to instruct the public on how to utilize the invention.

The costs associated with patenting an invention is contingent on the degree of complexity and complexity of the concept. Patents usually cost more than simple invention, and the more their complexity is, the greater the price. Most of the time it is worth its value in gold. However, generally patent prices do not significantly differ between nations. But the initial cost of the patent will eventually cover the cost of its own. It is crucial to keep in the mind that a patent is legally required, so it is crucial to make sure that you are aware of the conditions for patent.