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Did you hear about the hamburger king employee who received a donation of $300k USD? Do you want to know the backstory that made him so rich? We invite you to read the rest of this article.

Kevin Ford is the employee at Burger King in Las Vegas United States. This brand is also well-known in Canada. This article will provide detailed information about Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme.

Information About Gofundme and Burger King Employees Who Have Been Working For 27 Years

Kevin Ford, 54, began his career at Burger King in 1995 at Mc Carran International Airport. He was a cashier and a cook. Kevin has never taken a leave of absence from his job over the 27 years he served.

The manager of the organization gave Kevin gifts including candy, chocolates, movie tickets, a Starbucks coffee cup, and other small items. Kevin accepts these gifts and is thanked by his colleagues in a video.

Kevin Ford and His Family

Kevin is the father of four daughters. He was single when he began his career as a Burger King worker. He remarried when the need arose in his family. Kevin’s daughter Seryna Ford created Gofundme to honor her father’s remarkable service.

She wanted to raise 200 USD for Kevin to help him arrange a trip with his grandchildren. Kevin is excited to meet his daughters and their families.

What Was the Declaration That Was Made for Burger King Employees 27 Years Gofundme

Seryna, Kevin’s daughter, posted on Gofundme about the exceptional service her father provided to Burger King. She shared that her father cared for her and her older sibling as a single father while he worked at Burger King.

This organization provided excellent benefits, including health insurance for the family as well as the cost of school tuition. She asked people if they would like to make a donation to her father. This fund raised 300K USD from people who donated money to support Kevin.

Why is Burger King Employee 27 years Gofundme What’s Trending in News?

According to the report, the trending news is about the Burger King employee and the massive amount of funds. This is due to the sincerity Kevin Ford (a Burger King employee) has displayed throughout his career and the love that he has received from many people. Both of these efforts merit appreciation.


This article focuses on the story about a person whose sincerity in his work is highly recommended .

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