Daynear July Reviews Is The Website Genuine Or Scam?


In this article ” Daynear Reviews ,”will help you determine the legitimacy of the site which offers the Nike Jordan Sneakers.

Are you interested in purchasing shoes at Are you considering purchasing the Nike Air Jordan shoes? Check out this article to see if the site that sells a range of Air Jordan sneakers is legitimate.

In the United States, Nike is a very well-loved brand. There are numerous fake websites that offer false Nike sneakers. This is why you must be wary about this kind of retailer. These reviews today will test’s credibility.

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There are a variety range of Nike Air Jordan sneaker models can be purchased on They only sell sneakers at their store. Modern and classic Air Jordans can be found in the store. They boast of being reliable and reputable online sellers that deal in a variety of popular items.

They offer free shipping to anywhere in the world on their entire range of products. They say that their customers get top-quality products from their company. They say that their products are less expensive in comparison to other businesses. If you’d like to become an existing customer of the company, then prior to that go through the following article: Is Daynear Legit?.

What is the requirements for

  • Portal Age: Less than 6 Months
  • Website Url -
  • Products – They’re offering Nike’s Air Jordan Sneakers
  • Office Address – No data available.
  • Email Address –
  • Delivery Time – No data Available.
  • Shipping Costs The shipping is free.
  • Phone Number: + (229)254-8118
  • Returned Time: Within 30 Days.
  • Exchange Time – This service is not accessible.
  • Return Time: This option is not accessible.
  • Newsletter Subscription It is available.
  • Social Media Links – Social media links are readily available.
  • Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Check out Daynear reviews to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing from

What’s the benefits of purchasing at

  • is secured with HTTPS.
  • They have a huge assortment of Nike Air Jordan shoes for sale.
  • Social media has links and connections. media are easily accessible.
  • Free shipping is available on all their products.

What’s the drawbacks of purchasing at

  • Sneakers can be extremely expensive.
  • They’ve never provided any information regarding the person who owns the website.
  • They do not offer any discount on their footwear.
  • Their user interface for their website is horrible.

Is Daynear Legit?

Nowadays there are more online frauds than ever before. We must therefore be aware when buying items from unknown stores. In addition, if you’re buying something on a website that which you aren’t familiar with, you must examine a few aspects regarding the website.

  • Domain registration date – 26/03/2022
  • Domain’s Expiration Date is 26/03/2023
  • Originality of content – Many sites with questionable content use the identical content. They are all mentioned within the same article.
  • Address Originality Address Originality: Address Originality – The postal address for the business is not provided.
  • Alexa rank – According Alexa this web page is in the top 7117323 worldwide.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Day-Near Reviews aren’t on the website.
  • Linkages and social media connections These aren’t working efficiently.
  • Trust score has a trust score of just 1 percent, which is extremely low.
  • Cheap Discounts that aren’t real – The products being sold are very expensive. In addition, no discounts are provided on their products.
  • Index Rank – The website’s index score is 17.6 out of 100. This shows that it’s a brand new and a dubious site.
  • Owner’s Details – This information is not available on the website.
  • Policies – The guidelines provided on the site have been copied from fraudulent websites.

Review by a Customer’s Daynear reviews

There are many sneakers featured on the site, however no single shoe is featured in consumer reviews. This is why there are no user reviews on the site. To know more about the website, we looked for other trusted websites. There was nothing regarding this website. Discover How to Request a Credit Card Return. Click here to learn more.

The bottom line

We believe as an online store that sells a range of Nike Air Jordan shoe models. Only in their stores do they offer sneakers. However, this store has raised a number of red flags for us. Therefore, we cannot make a comment on the website. In the meantime, until reliable information becomes available, you can consider using reviews on Daynear until that time. Learn how to Request an Refund on a Credit Card Refund through this link.

Do you have any queries regarding the store? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.