Dlituc May 2022 Reviews Is This A Trusted Seller or Scam?


Check out Dlituc reviews to learn more about a website that gives over 50% off and boasting to be a complete-seller.

Did you be aware that Dlituc.com offers shipping across 127 different countries worldwide? Did you be aware that Dlituc.com offers shipping charges during checkout dependent on the amount of your order? Do you prefer to purchase with reputable online retailers to stay away from scams?

It is recommended to read reviews on Dlituc.com to understand the website’s credibility. We will examine all the information about the site in this post on Dlituc Reviews..


Dlituc.com has been launched as an online commercial and wholesale store that offers a variety of items. Most of the products available on sale are related to kitchen-related appliances. But, a few hidden product pages also offer clothes, tools and accessories.

Dlituc.com didn’t categorize its items, which makes it difficult to locate an item that is specific to. Major items displayed for sale include:

  • Boots,
  • Kitchen utilities,
  • Dinner sets,
  • Cookware,
  • Kitchen gadgets,
  • Watches, etc.

Dlituc.com has redundant information as well as the conditions of service are repeated twice in a poor format. asking the legitimacy of is Dlituc legitimate? Dlituc.com did not disclose its goals or mission statement, which suggests a lack of customer focus and the need to hurry customers to purchase the items.


  • Buy kitchen utilities at: https://www.dlituc.com.
  • Price:between COP$99,999.00 to COP$129,999.00.
  • Social Media Linksnot listed on Dlituc.
  • Reviews and blogs from customers:not supported by Dlituc.
  • Physical Addressnot listed in Dlituc.
  • Terms and Conditions:Plagiarized on Dlituc.
  • phone (or) Whatsapp #:not visible on Dlituc.
  • Privacy Policy:Plagiarized on Dlituc.
  • Store locatorDlituc didn’t mention its whereabouts of its stores.
  • delivery policy:orders can be shipped by Dlituc between seven and 14 days.
  • Answers to FAQs and Help currently available on Dlituc.
  • Dlituc Review on Shipping Policies:Dlituc has a processing period of 3 to 5 business days. The delivery charges are calculated at the time of checkout.
  • cancellation policy:Dlituc permits cancellation of orders on the same day prior to 7.00 pm.
  • tracking:possible on the Dlituc account and on websites of third-party carriers.
  • Refund PolicyDlituc allows returns up to 180 days.
  • E-mail address:service@dlituc.com.
  • Refund policy: Dlituc refunds the amount within 180 days of the original method of payment.
  • Mode of Payment:Visa, Mastercard, Elo, Presto, Maestro, Discover, Hipercard, Cartao MercadoLivre, Amex, JCB, Aura, Carnet, Diners Club, CMR, Magna, Mach, Condensa, Boleto, PIX, OXXO, Sencillito, Servipag, Efecty, Baloto, Pago Efectivo in COP and USD.
  • Newsletters are supported by Dlituc.

Pros identified to be in reviews of Dlituc :

  • There aren’t many advantages of purchasing from Dlituc.com apart from the inflated discounts up to 75% when you purchase and receive more discounts.


  • The user interface is abysmal for Dlituc.com
  • Insufficient control of inventory and Dlituc.com algorithm permit users to purchase an infinity of items
  • Specifications for products that are redundant on Dlituc.com
  • The customer service is not easy to contact Dlituc.com customer service
  • The extended time stated by Dlituc.com to process refunds
  • The shipping charge is applicable for any normal shipping
  • Very poor Dlituc.com reviews and rankings

Is Dlituc Scam?

  • Dlituc Creation: 11th May 2022 at 7:01:52.
  • Dlituc Age one week old and verified to confirm is Dlituc Legit?
  • Dlituc life expectation:expires in the period of 11 months, 6 days and.
  • Dlituc Expiry: 11th May 2023 at 7:01:52.
  • Dlituc Updated on: 11th May 2022 at 7:01:52.
  • Origin:Dlituc was registered in the USA.
  • Trust Index: Dlituc has a pathetic 22% trust score.
  • Business Rating:Dlituc achieved a below-average 48.9 percent rank in business.
  • SSL Status:its IP has an active SSL certificate valid for the next 365 days.
  • The status of blacklisting Dlituc isn’t blacklisted.
  • Threat Profile:36%.
  • Phishing Score:36%.
  • Malware Score:17%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 27%.
  • Spam Score:14%.
  • Review of Dlituc of Contact Person:unspecified at Dlituc.
  • Owner’s contact information and identity:Dlituc censored the information of its owners’ names and contact details by using Domain Protection Services, Inc. Domain Protection Services, Inc.
  • Connection Security: Dlituc transmits data using HTTPS protocol.
  • Social Relations: Dlituc is not available on social media platforms.

Customers Reviews:

3 YouTube reviews and seven reviews on the Dlituc.com website suggest that it may be an enigma. Dlituc has an Zero Alexa rank.

Dlituc.com is not a platform for product reviews. The website does not support product reviews. Dlituc.com customer reviews or ratings were available on social media and on the internet. Since Dlituc.com accepts credit card transactions, Know About Credit Rackets for Credit Cards to ensure you are not from being a victim of fraud.


Dlituc Review concluding that Dlituc.com is not legitimate. Dlituc.com is a disaster in terms of Trust, Alexa, and it has a poorbusiness ranking. Dlituc has the lowest life expectancy. Dlituc.com scored highly on the malware, threat and phishing profile, which could compromise the security of your device and your personal as well as financial information. We do not recommend Dlituc because of a absence of an acknowledgment of delivery as well as customer reviews. Learn about PayPal diddles Learn About PayPal Diddlesto beware of PayPal rackets.