Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Improve Gut Health? Real Facts!


Apple Cider Vinegar for Gut Health: What’s the Deal? 

Do you ever feel grumpy and lack productivity when your gut health is not right? Gut health is pivotal in maximizing your energy and even regulating your emotions. Sadly, our lifestyle and food intake badly hurt our gut health, and we don’t realize the extent of the damage until it’s done. 

To improve your gut health naturally, you should grab apple cider vinegar from the grocery store. The hype around apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been building for years, and people wonder if it is legit. If you are wondering the same, you have come to the right spot. Let’s do a fact-check in detail! 

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Strengthen Your Gut? 

We know that fermented foods work wonders for our gut health. Our digestive system needs good bacteria and acidic balance to digest food and keep your stomach happy rapidly. Apple cider vinegar ticks all the boxes and has everything your stomach needs to maintain a healthy environment.  

Apple cider vinegar ferments apples over time until it develops good bacteria. Many studies show that apple cider vinegar can repair your gut and neutralize your stomach’s pH balance. Let’s have a look at some facts about apple cider vinegar that might help with gut repair: 

  • Maintains a Healthy Acidic Balance 

Many swear by apple cider vinegar face wash, which helps maintain the skin’s pH balance. Similarly, regular intake of apple cider vinegar is also beneficial for your stomach as it helps neutralize the acidic balance. Apple cider vinegar has good bacteria and acetic acid, core ingredients to help your stomach with its digestive activities. 

  • Fastens the Metabolic Rate 

We all know how important metabolism is for our body. Our gut health also directly impacts our metabolism, making it fast or slow. Apple cider vinegar has healthy proteins and a mixture of probiotics that help with increasing your metabolic rate. It also indirectly impacts your weight, making you lose stubborn fat faster. 

  • Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

Our gut health impacts our bowel movements significantly, causing us to feel bloated. You may feel heavy and full if your gut health and bowel movements are not in order. One of the best parts about apple cider vinegar is that it has digestive fibers. It helps in regulating your bowel movements and reduces inflammation. 

  • Reducing Sugar Cravings 

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of our body, and it also slows down our digestive system. Apple cider vinegar can lower the high blood sugar levels in our bodies. It reduces our cravings and gets rid of the sweet tooth. Hence, for anybody looking to strengthen their digestive system and lose weight, apple cider vinegar may help. 

How to Have Apple Cider Vinegar to Improve Gut Health? 

Are you wondering what are the benefits of apple cider vinegar and how to have it? We have already covered the benefits; hence, we will discuss how to have them in this section. Here are some easy ways to have apple cider vinegar: 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Water 

Apple cider vinegar water is one of the most common yet effective ways. Mix two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and have it first thing in the morning. You can add cinnamon, lemon juice, and honey to make it taste better. It helps in kicking start the metabolism and improving gut health. 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Shot 

Apple cider vinegar shot is one of the most effective ways, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can fill a shot glass with apple cider vinegar and gulp it down in one go. It is great to reduce bloating and flush out toxins from your body. However, it can mess up your body’s pH levels or decay your tooth’s enamel if you are not careful. 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements 

Apple cider vinegar supplements or gummies are great for people who can’t bear the taste of raw ACV. It has the same nutritional value and is quite easy to have. However, ACV supplements may have added sugar which some people may not like. 

  1. Salad Dressings 

Apple cider vinegar may not be a great combination in many foods, but it works perfectly with salads. If you can’t have apple cider vinegar water, add it to your salad dressings. It provides a perfect tangy taste and also helps improve your digestive system. 

Final Verdict 

Apple cider vinegar for gut health works perfectly, especially if you have it consistently. However, it is better to consult a doctor and take medications if you have serious gut health issues. There is no doubt apple cider vinegar has properties to heal the gut if taken properly.