Emirates Anniversary June Scam Discover The Hidden Truth!


This article outlines an online scam that was propagated by prominent airlines using the social networks. Find out more details about the Emirates Anniversary Scam.

Have you seen an online post that talks about cash rewards of a well-known airline operating from middle east Asia? Are you curious to find out whether the message is authentic? If so, then take a look at this article as we examine the viral article in detail.

Users of social media from United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates are keen to learn about the truth about the Emirates Anniversary Scam. Let’s take a in-depth look at the topic for more information on an issue that is among the highest debated issues across the Internet.

About Trending Emirates Competition Post

A message on an online contest that is that is related with Emirates Airlines is viral on popular social networks, particularly with WhatsApp users. The post invites users to take part in online contests to win the prize worth 10.000 Emirati dirhams.

After the flurry of inquiries on various platforms as well as Emirates Airline’s official website Emirates officials warned its customers that the airline has no affiliation with the Emirates 37th anniversary scam.

Why is Emirates Competition Trending?

  • The attractive prize money is the primary reason behind the hottest post.
  • Scammers hosted a similar event in 2018 using the same viral blog post.
  • The fraudsters took advantage of its popularity Emirates Airlines to reach their posts to a wider online public.
  • It is trending in the WhatsApp platform, with the website’s link.
  • The link on the website leads users to a web page that is made up of questionnaires.
  • There are four questions that the user has to answer. Additionally the site also offers the possibility to win 10,000 dirhams.

Emirates Anniversary Scam

  • The viral post and the online inquiries regarding the fake competition led Emirates Airlines to announce that the competition was not officially sanctioned.
  • Additionally, Airline officials warned customers not to get caught in the clickbait market.
  • Emirates have also been urged to verify on the Official Emirates website. A social media website with a blue tick has to be verified about online competitions.
  • In the event of doubt, it is recommended to dial Emirates customer service number directly.

How to Spot Fake Online Competition?

  • Verification tick: big firms use official verified accounts to contact their clients regarding competitions or special offers. Find out more about this scam. Emirates Anniversary Scam.
  • Official website: when you get a message or mail message, confirm the information on the official website of the company.
  • Consider the rewards: Scammers make use of huge prizes to lure and then annoy them.
  • Simple Surveys: Many fraud contests make use of simple online surveys that make it easy for participants easy to finish the challenge in a matter of minutes.


The hottest Emirates online contest that awards Emirati dirhams has been declared to be as a fraud by Emirates Arline’s official. As a savvy Internet user, it is important to avoid such online scams. For more information learn more, click here.

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