Ezafte July 2022 Reviews Is This A Legit Site Or A Scam?


The article will provide specifics regarding Ezafte Reviews. Visit the complete article to verify the legitimacy of this company.

Are you interested in purchasing electronic goods? Are you in need of assistance choosing a reliable website? Many have visited Ezafte when searching for a site that offers affordable and top-quality electronic products. Ezafte is a store located in the United States that sells products like Apple phones, phone covers Siri headsets and remotes wireless printers, and more. Before you purchase any item, you should examine the Ezafte reviewsand the legitimacy of the site.

In this article, we’ll provide details on the credibility of Ezafte.

Brief on Ezafte

Ezafte is an online retailer that sells a range of electronic products with a variety that are available on the site. Ezafte provides customers with a wide choice of items. Here is a listing of products sold on the website:

  • Alexa smart speaker
  • Apple Silver airtag
  • Fire 4K TV sticks with streamer for media and voice note Alexa
  • Tablet
  • Battery Cartridge
  • Mini Homepod
  • Iphone silicone case

Is Ezafte Legit? This is an essential factor to be aware of prior to purchasing any item from the shop. We’ve listed a few items that can be purchased from this site. The online shops should be examined prior to purchasing various types of goods. Certain sites are genuine, while some are fraud. To alert buyers of these fraudulent websites We provide reviews and the legitimacy of shopping websites online.

Features of the Ezafte shop

  • Purchase a magical mouse at https://ezafte.comor.
  • Email address: support@ezafte.com
  • Contact number: A number of +1 862-266-9714 can be found in Ezafte Review..
  • Address: 6191 St Murray S State, UT 84107 US
  • Delivery policy for goods: They will be in transit for seven days.
  • Refund policy store has a 30 day return policy. You are able to return the items within 30 days of the day you received the items.
  • Payment method: American Express, Google pay, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover, JCB

Positive Highlights

  • Contact number, email address and address are all available.
  • Https is used.
  • Free delivery on orders over $99.

Negative Highlights

  • There are no reviews on the official website or online reviews sites.
  • There are no pages to be found on social media.

Is Ezafte Legit?

Shopping online is enjoyable until you fall for a scam. There is no doubt that many online stores sell goods in a fair manner. However, it cannot be overlooked that a significant number of them defraud their customers with various methods. Therefore, it is the duty of the customer to investigate the site thoroughly prior to purchasing any product.

We have provided a list of elements that are needed to verify the authenticity of this website:

  • Date of registration The site was registered on March 31, 2022.
  • Registrar: 123-Reg Limited
  • trust score The trust score of this site is percent. This is a low trust score.
  • Reviews There are no reviews for Ezafte available on online websites as well as official websites. There are no reviews available on other reviews websites for customers as well.
  • Social media Social media is not a social network. are available in any of the platforms.
  • Guidelines: All the necessary policies are available on the official site with pertinent information.
  • Data Security: The website is safe as it adheres to the HTTPS protocol. This helps customers gain trust , but they cannot always be relied upon.
  • Information missing Owner’s contact information is not listed on the website. Other details, such as email address and contact number, as well as address policies, and payment methods, are accessible.

Ezafte Reviews

The owner has provided his email address, contact number, as well as the address of the shop. The information about the owner is not available in the official site. Based on our analysis of different review websites including the official site and social media, there is no customer reviews are found.

We do not recommend that you make use of this website to buy any product because a number of factors indicate that the site can’t be completely trusted. We’ve provided all important factors that determine the legitimacy of the website can be established. Buyers must conduct their own investigation prior to purchasing anything on this website in order to be protected from scams using credit cards.

In the simplest terms

In conclusion of the article to Ezafte Review We could not discover any trustworthy aspect to make this website as legitimate. The site is rated with a one percent trust Score that is thought to be to be a poor trust Score. The site is around 3 months old. Therefore, based on the trust score and the life expectancy of its users, we could declare that the site is not authentic. Be conscious of PayPal fraud.. Click here to find out more about the electronic merchandise.

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