Fidge 2022 Wordle Is This The Right Answer? Check It Here!


You’ve probably encountered the Fidge Wordle phrase on Internet. Read this article to discover the reason why it is becoming popular.

Did you get today’s Wordle game’s answer? Did it go smoothly or was it difficult for you? No matter if you’re located in New ZealandAustralia or in the United StatesIndia or an other country, this answer for the present Wordle is identical.

If you’re confused too and want to find the right answer, go through this article and discover. The game is very highly popular and, recently, the Fidge Wordle was on the radar of the Internet. Find out why.

This is the day’s Wordle Puzzle

Wordle is a game that is very popular and people across the globe wake up to a fresh Wordle puzzle every day. There are some that are easy and others are hard to figure out Therefore, players seek advice via the Internet to keep their streak going.

Today the players could determine they were right. Wordle answer is like the word Fidge but to determine if it was true or not, players sought online assistance. Some players even asked questions like- Is Fidge a Word? If you’re wondering if Fidge is a significant English word it is! But, Fidge is not the best answer to Wordle #399 on July 23rd, 2022. What is the right answer? Answer “MIDGE.”

Wordle 399 Hints and Clues

  • The Wordle answer to 23 July 2022 includes two vowels. The vowels in both are distinct.
  • There is no repetition of letters in the five-letter word.
  • The word refers to the noun “fidget,” a small fly that appears as mosquitoes. They breed near the water or in marshy areas. Do you realize that, as according to the Fidge definition the word Fidge is a no-longer-used term meaning ‘fidget’?
  • The word is pronounced with the vowel E.
  • The five letter answer starts with the letter M.

If you’re still not able to guess the answer, here’s the solution that is Midge. The right solution would be Midge rather than Fidge.

What’s Wordle?

Wordle is a word-based online game that debuted in the month of October, 2021. Its creator and creator, Josh Wardle, had been working on the game for time; the first prototypes of Wordle were influenced by Mastermind However, afterward he made some adjustments before the word game that we have today was created. The game is now published and controlled through The New York Times Company.

The Fidge Wordle Gameplay

Every day Wordle begins with a new five-letter word that is the answer. The word that is 5 letters is the same across the world. The players are given six chances to figure out the word they want to guess.

On the screen are five tiles that let users type the five letters of a meaningful English word. After pressing enter the tiles change hue to show you that:

  • The green tile indicates that the letter is in proper place.
  • Yellow tile The letter is within the word that is targeted, but in a different location
  • Grey tile The letter is not found in the word that is being targeted.

These tips are used by players to determine the target word.

Last Words

“Fidge” Wordle is popular in the Internet because certain Wordle users believed they had the correct answer. But the truth is different and we’ve already published the same information in the post above.

Wordle can be described as an exciting and popular game. Do you enjoy playing Wordle? What’s your favourite game? Leave a comment below!