Flightplate 2022 Reviews Is This A Genuine Site Or Scam?


You would like to see the summary of Flyplate Reviews. Take a look at the following passages.

Are you able to identify authentic sources for obtaining the full details of Flightplate.shop? Are you wondering if it’s a safe online shop? Many surveys in the United States show that fraud is a growing problem in the finance and online business niches.

It can also have negative effects on shoppers and other individuals. We will give you a complete overview of Flightplate.shop in this Flightplate Review.

What is Flightplate.shop?

We discovered that the portal sells body parts and accessories for cars. We also found out that the site’s About Us section revealed that their representatives have years of product knowledge. The site also stated that they offer fashionable products with the most recent technologies in order to make their output attractive to clients.

We should not use any website without verifying its details. We will be providing some key hints within Flightplate.shop in order to help you learn more.

Explaining Specifications To Understand Is Flightplate Legal ?

  • https://flightplate.shop is the official site of this shopping website.
  • We found the address 1501 New Hampshire Avenue in Lynn Haven, Florida 32444 from the website United States.
  • All orders will be shipped free of charge by the portal.
  • The inspection was done by calling +143622344244.
  • Flightplate.shop allows customers to return purchased products within 30 day.
  • support@flightplate.shop is the email address we gathered while exploring this portal.
  • If the return is approved, the portal will process the refund in 3 to 5 days.
  • There are many social media icons.
  • This website sells parts for scooters, trailer levelling, tires, and wheels.
  • According to the Flightplate Review analysis, this website was digitally registered on 27/07/2022. This means that it is one month and five day old.
  • Website stated that they do not have an exchange facility.
  • We have no information regarding the Flightplate.shop delivery policy.
  • We have not found any newsletter option on the website that we explored.
  • You can order products and pay with MasterCard, PayPal, or other payment methods.

Pros Discovered

  • These social icons are available.
  • We were able to find the location information, email address and phone number.
  • The shopping site offered free shipping and a variety of discounts.
  • You can also find reviews for some products on the portal.

Disadvantages Collected

  • No newsletter feature was found in our Flightplate Review survey.
  • Trustpilot did not retrieve any comments from shoppers.

Is Flightplate.shop Fraud?

  • Trust Score – This shopping portal received only 1% of its value, according to the research.
  • Bulk-Purchasing Facility – We were able to inspect this website and found that it offers this option.
  • Trust rank– Flightplate.shop only has a 14.9/100 score, as we discovered during our analysis. A lower value is usually indicative of a poor shop image, which may make it less attractive to shoppers.
  • Site Age – 27/07/2022 is the enrollment date for the site. It is one month and five day old.
  • Feedback gained – We haven’t found any flightplate reviews or comments on Trustpilot after inspecting the web sources. We were also unable to rely on the online store because there weren’t any social media pages.
  • Alexa Rank – This portal was not analyzed.
  • Discounts Details – Flightplate.shop lists a number of highly-respected products. Additionally, many portals offering unrealistic discounts can pose a danger to buyers.
  • Portal Suspension date– An inspection revealed that the Flightplate.shop expires on 27-07-2023.
  • Policies – We noticed that the policy details were well explained, but the absence of an exchange facility created suspicion. Is Flightplate Legit
  • Address Originality – Research revealed that the address listed on the official site was for a single-family residence.
  • Social Connections – This website is difficult to depend upon because of its inexplicable social icons.

Certified Reviews –

Our research found that Trustpilot had no comments. We also found a portal that indicated it was fraudulent on other review sites. However, we didn’t redeem any feedback. Flightplate.shop is being questioned by the inactive icons and other defects. More information on credit card frauds can be found here


We discussed Flightplate.shop in this post. Unfortunately, the Flightplate Review did not find any reviews and deemed it to be questionable. Read more about the PayPal cons hereGet more information on wheels here.

Are you able to trust this website? We would love to hear from you.