Girl Jumped In Mississippi River : Know If It Was A Suicide ?


The article gives more information about the girl known as Arlana and the incident that was going on with her. The article also provides the details about Girl Jumps into Mississippi River.

Who is Arlana Miller? What transpired to her? Was this an unplanned incident as well as a suicide attempt? A lot of questions are posed within the heads of a lot of people? Did you do a search to discover information about her? While you were surfing, did look over the following article that provides her complete information?

The people of America United Statesshowed their condolences to her and she was an avid cheerleader. Some additional details about the girl who jumped into the Mississippi Riverare provided below.

What is the fate of Arlana?

She wrote down a few notes before the most painful event within her own life. The note states that she struggled a lot in her teens. She fought her whole life to live a peaceful life. She is grateful for those who stood by her at all times. She also stated that people who were around her believed that she was happy however, it wasn’t bad. She expressed her gratitude to her mother and stated that she would relax. She left numerous suicide notes. This was the one that came to the end of her life. The reason behind her death is still unknown and isn’t yet known at this time.

Arlana Miller Body Found In Mississippi River

Arlana Janell Miller was killed in 2022, on the 4th of May through suicide, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was where she was affiliated with Southern University and A&M College. A cheerleader Arlana Janell who suffered with health issues for a long period was swept away by the Mississippi River after a long trip. While at Southern University, Arlana was an athlete. She was from Texas. The family, friends teammates, classmates, and everyone who knew and love her are given our sincere condolences and thoughts.” Her letter was an essay about the saddest aspects of her life. She was gone and the reason behind her passing is not known.

Mississippi River Suicide

A recent Instagram post from Arlana left a message for her followers. She expressed gratitude to the people who were in her life. Her depression was also discussed. Arlana was found dead in the early hours of last night, after being unaccounted for indefinitely. Please accept our sincere condolences. Friends, colleagues as well as other family members posted on social media to announce her passing. A few days ago, Ariana Janell Miller posted an announcement on her Instagram that was believed to be suicide notes.

In addition, we have added a few details regarding her death

When the public learned that the girl jumped into the Mississippi River, the corps discovered a note from her, in which she said that “she has died inside and the people who were near to her should not be concerned that they have no the cause and don’t reason to feel guilt-free. The whole thing is over and I we wish that everyone finds peace.”


According to the investigation, it has discovered that Arlana was 15 years old, was found dead in the river known as Mississippi. Corps are trying to determine the cause of her death, but haven’t yet identified the reasons.

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