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The news article Havenpark Communities Review provides some snippets from the actual reviews of Havenpark communities, with no bias views or opinions.

Are you looking for the best mobile homes at an affordable price? These manufactured homes are a new concept. Haven Park Communities is a home-building and real estate company.

They’re creating communities in the United States and Canada that give residents the feeling of living in small, caring communities. This article will give you a fresh perspective on Havenpark Communities Reviews

Reviews In Detail

Havenpark is a home-building company that can build different types of homes. They have received mixed reviews from people.


They love the way they build homes and it seems that everyone can do it. Customers love their new idea of creating caring communities through the employment of suitable residents and employees.

Negative reviews

The communities have higher property taxes. People complained about the water quality. They are not allowed take their trailers without permission. Only a few people can live in trailers. There are strict rules regarding eviction.

Office Details

Haven Park Communities Corporate Office can be found at 51 W Center St Ste 600 in Orem (Utah), U.S.A. The head of this corporate office, Mr. Pratt, is the address. Haven Park communities currently employs between 200 and 500 people. Their head office is in Orem. They also have regional offices in Crayon Park.

Jeff Brauer, Sean King and Michael Scheffler are the key people in the corporate office. They have worked hard to ensure the company’s success.

Building A Quality Community

Havenpark Communities mission statement is to create a caring community. However, the Havenpark Communities Review doesn’t give a clear picture of the mission. The Havenpark community reviews are recorded in the Better Business Bureau profile. But it is not allowed for public use.

This raises the suspicion that Haven Park, and its grievance redressal staff, were not responding to complaints such as property management issues, construction-related problem, and more fees.

Their quality community also included their employers. The people who work for

Havenpark employees love their work culture, professionalism, as well as the generous compensation package. Haven Park has also attracted their attention to work.

Summary of Havenpark Communities Review

Although they received mixed reviews from the public, they do many socially responsible activities for their residents and deserve to be commended. Havenpark residents have been offered many scholarships by the haven park team. They offer scholarships for college students, inmates from trade schools, and trainees in vocational training.

They offer 5-star amenities at an affordable cost in their projects. They established mutual relationships with Haven Park residents, and claimed that they created responsible residents. These features allowed them to create many communities across the country.


The article Havenpark Communities Reviews outlines the two sides to Havenpark. Each company has its negatives. These negatives can help companies to build a stronger community.

This is how haven park received some bad reviews. They must also create a grievance procedure for redressing their mistakes. To learn more about havenpark communities visit

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