How to remodel bathroom


Best Tips to Remodel Bathroom

The modern bathrooms are practical and have a sense of luxury in them. You can bring this to your bathroom with some smart tips. After all, it’s a zone where you relax, refresh and have a total “you” time.

The styling of the bathroom must be welcoming and very attractive. Fortunately, you can remodel the bathroom with some affordable tips. So, without any delay, check out the top ideas to remodel the bathroom.

Bring new Colour With Modern Floor Tiles


Chances are high that your bathroom tiles have worn off and look the same old. However, you can easily opt for modern floor tiles as they have easy installation. 

Also, you can explore many options with so many colours, patterns, and price ranges. For example, opt for monochromatic and light shade tiles for a small bathroom. You can also create an accent wall or play with colours for large bathrooms.

Add Plants

Adding lots of greenery is one of the best bathroom remodelling tips. You can bring in houseplants( requires minimum care). In addition, you can keep small pots on the racks. 

Also, you can create a green wall adjacent to the mirror having mounted pots. Plus, the plant hanger looks cute; this will bring freshness and elevate the bathroom.

Change the Utility Rack

If you have racks open or closed, it is time to change it. For example, install a new vanity under the sink or go for new shelves. 

You can try the waterproof wooden racks over the toilet seat. Or you can install it under the shower. Then, place some pots, frames, scented candles and lots of essentials on them.

Change the Handles

Changing the handles is one of the best remodelling and very budget-friendly tips. If you love the vintage vibe, you can go for golden handles for taps, showers etc. You can also paint them as you like. Moreover, installing new handles will give a feeling of an enhanced bathroom.

Cover the Open Pipes

Do you notice many pipes around the sink or other areas? Well, you can enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic with some smart tricks. 

To begin with, you can wrap jute ropes around the pipes. Also, you can opt for some multicolour threads, artificial branches etc. This will help to cut the necessary elements.

Elevate the Mirror Area

The mirror area should be well-lit and very accessible. You can go for a storage mirror and mount pretty hangers, lights, and racks around it; this will elevate the area much more.

Finally, Some Bonus Tips

  • You can change the bathroom linens. Invest in a pretty shower curtain, a large rug and good towels. 
  • Go for a sophisticated bath mat.
  • Try to create a decluttered space with minimum colours focusing on a few elements.
  • Closed storage looks more luxurious.

Remodelling your bathroom will help you enjoy the area even more. The warm and welcoming aura will make it attractive for guests. So, use modern floor and wall tiles, some lighting, and change the handles. Also, add appealing elements like plants, hangers etc.

So, follow all the tips and stay tuned for more expectational ideas.