In which cases is piezo rhinoplasty performed?


Piezo rhinoplasty can be easily applied in many cases where the shape or function of the nose is impaired:

  • Arched noseWide or narrow noseCrooked nose to the right or leftNasal tip not in the desired shapeCongenitally malformed nose shapeDifficulty in breathing due to a shape problem in the noseDysfunction and deformity of the nose as a result of trauma or accidentDespite having had a nose operation before, the deformed nose

    Patients who want to have rhinoplasty but do not want the nasal bone to be broken

Who can perform rhinoplasty with piezo method?Nose surgeries are not very easy operations as they require detailed evaluation in terms of both shape and function. Therefore, it must be performed by physicians who are specialized and experienced in nasal anatomy. When performed by experienced physicians, the desired functional and aesthetic results are easily achieved as a result of rhinoplasty with piezo method. Patients who want to have rhinoplasty mostly make location-based searches. “rhinoplasty in Turkey” is one of the most sought-after queries by patients.In addition, Turkey hosts many medical tourism services. Operations such as obesity surgery and hair transplantation can be given as examples of these services. Like rhinoplasty, most patients frequently make “obesity treatment in Turkey” queries.How does the process progress before rhinoplasty operation?Before the operation, it is absolutely necessary to contact the doctor who will perform the operation. Since the procedure will be performed under anesthesia, additional tests such as blood tests, ECG and chest x-ray may be requested for preoperative evaluation. In cases where there is no problem in terms of surgery, the operation date is determined.How does the operation process progress with the piezo method?In this method, which is performed with the open rhinoplasty method, the nasal bone is cut with the help of piezoelectric devices by making a minimal incision in the skin. In the piezo technique, high-speed sound waves at a frequency of 25-29 kHz are emitted by vibration and the bone tissue is cut. The piezoelectric method can cut even bones with high mineral content thanks to its three times stronger ultrasound power. Since there is no breaking process during this process, the operation is performed without damaging the soft tissue around the bone. Compared to traditional rhinoplasty techniques, there is less bleeding during surgery. In this way, postoperative edema and bruising are less common.How does the post-operative process progress?Patients are usually discharged on the same day after rhinoplasty surgeries performed using the piezo method. It does not damage the soft tissue since the breaking process performed in rhinoplasty surgeries performed with traditional methods is not performed. In this way, bruising and swelling that can be seen as a result of traditional rhinoplasty are not seen except in patients with very thin skin. Postoperative pain is very rare and mild. As a result of the disappearance of edema, you can usually return to daily life within three days. After the operation, situations such as trauma that will cause deformity in the nose should be avoided. It is important to apply to the polyclinic again for post-operative controls. In the controls, the nose shape is checked by the surgeon who performed the procedure and recommendations are given. Following the recommendations given by the physician makes the postoperative period more comfortable.