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This post about the Judge Luttig J Michael will answer our readers’ questions and provide them with information about the judge’s remarks and how it came to be the news of the day.

Are you aware of J. Michael Luttig’s declaration? The man is an American lawyer and past judge of the United States. He testified on a matter that has made popular news and everybody is discussing it .

In this article about the Judge Luttig J Michael We will look at his recent comments and how it became the talking point of the town. Read this post to learn more about the issue.

Was J. Michael testify about in his declaration?

A American lawyer and an ex- US appellate court judge testified during the investigation into the storm of January 6, in the US capital, located in the Federal government office. He highlighted Trump’s post-election campaign as a war on democratic principles, saying that the former Vice President Mike Pence did not have the legal power to aid to stop the Congress administration from making sure of 2020 elections and could have resulted in the constitutional crisis.

Judge J Michael Luttig Statement

He testified to the pressure put on Pence to invalidate the results of the election during the time that the vice president’s staff attempted to contact J. Michael Luttig’s opinion on the legal implications of contesting the count.

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush named Luttig as a judge on The United States Appellate court. Luttig was a member of the court until his retirement in. He also served under a variety of presidents of the White House and in the justice department.

He is an incredibly respected judge. He even did so when he was nominated to his seat on the court, he was able to send numerous clerks on for the Supreme Court. He is now Chief Judge Luttig J Michael ,and he counseled Mike Pence to reject former clerk John Eastman’s suggestion to reverse the results of the election.

Democracy is in jeopardy.

He said that America is in war, not against the other country and not with any other country, but with itself. The people of America are fighting each other. They desperately need peace and only the battle for America’s soul and culture will bring the war to an end peacefully. If the battle for American democracy does not win and the war for democracy is not won, it can be peacefully ended.

President Obama and the political parties he represented were the ones who started this conflict. Judge Luttig J Michaelalso declared that the President’s carefully executed strategy to reverse the results of the election so that he could maintain the power Americans had given him. However, the next president just declared his victory, even though he knew that he was defeated, and even though they knew the truth about the outcome they both began changing the outcome.


In this post We told our readers about the statements of an ex- US judge and the evidence he gave regarding the pressure put on Mike Pence to overturn the outcome of the election. Visit this link toto learn more about J. Michael Luttig..

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