Knicks Roster May 2022 Wordle Is It A Hint Or Answer To The Quiz ?


This article is about Knicks Roster Wordle. To find the answer, read the article.

Did you ever play Wordle? Wordle is a popular hobby among children and adults. It is a challenging game that is very popular in countries such as Australia and the United States. There are many variations of the game.

Knicks ROSTER Wordle refers to the NBA version called ‘POELTL. To find all the details, read this article until the end.

Could Knicks Roster be a clue?

You can always search for the clues to solve the puzzle if you are unable to guess the correct answer. It’s fascinating, isn’t? To find the right answer, use the hints below.

  • Hint number 1 – The birth date for today’s players (22 years) is 1 September 1999.
  • Hint number 2 – Today’s players are Zanthia Reddish and Robert Reddish.
  • Hint number 3 – The player is from Knicks Roster Team.
  • Hint 4 for New York Knicks roster: The player’s height is 2.03 metres.

These hints are obtained when you begin to guess and reach your correct answer. We have discovered that Knicks Roster was one of the clues in today’s NBA Wordle. Find out today’s answer now!

Is there a solution?

Wordle’s NBA version, called “Poeltl”, is a fun and easy version. There are enough clues about the name of each player. Today’s Poeltl’s answer is “Cam Reddish.”

NBA version Wordle game Hint: Knicks Roster Wordle

Wordle is used by millions of people every day. With Wordle’s increasing popularity, new clones are being created each day. POELTL, a new basketball game, is available to all fans. Jakob Poeltl is the name of this game, who is a well-known San Antonio Spurs player.

This game contains words that are related to NBA. It’s related to the POELTL puzzle. You can find the answer at the end of this article.

What are you waiting for?

This version is perfect for basketball fans. These are the steps you need to follow in order to play the POELTL.

  • You must guess the NBA player, just like today’s hint Knicks roster wordle. To find your answer, you have 8 chances to guess.
  • You will receive hints about the Conference, Division and Position after each guess.
  • The blocks will change colour from yellow to green once you guess. This is a sign that you have correctly guessed the category and yellow a sign that you are close.


Wordle’s popularity led to the development of many other versions. As you progress in the game, Poeltl will give you tips. All the details about players are available to you. This article has the answer to today’s Wordle. Knicks Roster Wordle are some of the hints. You can use the answer to play Wordle every day. To try it yourself , follow the Link.

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