Know The Five Effective GRE Preparation Strategies Of April 2022


GRE Preparation Strategies for 2022: There is a lot of information on the internet about GRE preparation strategies and resources. It can be helpful for some but it can also be a problem for others. It can be difficult to find the resources that are actually helpful when there are so many.

There are effective strategies you can use to prepare for the GRE. These strategies have been carefully crafted and tested by thousands of test-takers from many backgrounds.

Here are the top five GRE preparation strategies for 2022

Do a Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test is the first step in preparing for GRE. The diagnostic test evaluates your current skills and abilities, without any preparation. To find out where you are at the moment, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you can do to improve, you will need to take the full GRE test. You will then set a target score taking into consideration the time you have available to prepare.

A diagnostic test can help you create a work plan or a study guide based on your score and what you hope to achieve. A free diagnostic test can be found at Scholarden. It replicates the actual GRE format and difficulty level.

  • Personalized Learning Approach

There are many resources available online that you can find very appealing and useful. You will be given a 1-month, 2-month or 3-month study plan. These plans are standardized and can be used by all individuals. Remember that you are unique and your strengths and weaknesses will be different from others, so a standardized study plan won’t work for your preparation. It could lead to a lower score on the actual GRE exam.

After you have completed the diagnostic test, evaluate your strengths. Maybe you are good at understanding complex sentences and information but struggle with the Quantitative Reasoning portion. If there are patterns of error, identify them.

Next, create your personal schedule. Scholarden is the only GRE preparation platform that values individuality and offers customized study plans to each user under the guidance of their mentors.

  • Strategy for Verbal Reasoning section

The emphasis in the Verbal Reasoning section on the GRE was traditionally on difficult vocabulary. The current GRE does not reflect this. The emphasis now is on understanding complex sentences and information. Direct vocabulary questions make up only 20% of Verbal Reasoning section questions.

Therefore, don’t focus on memorizing complicated vocabulary words or rote-learning. Instead, read up on academic articles and other articles on multiple subjects such as literature, history, science and philosophy. enhancing your comprehension and reading skills.

This will help you not only with reading but also with vocabulary and new words in context. This is what you’ll need to do on the actual test.

  • Identify Relevant Resources

We mentioned it above that GRE preparation is not a one-size fits all situation. Find resources that can help you achieve your goal score.

Many of the resources you can find online are obsolete and redundant. Scholarden, which takes into consideration the changes to the GRE exam, provides the best resources and practice questions to help prepare you for the exam.

Quantitative Reasoning sections have become more difficult on the GRE. They are focused more on conceptual understanding and less calculation. Scholarden offers practice questions that are similar to the format and difficulty of real GRE questions.

Scholarden provides video and text lessons for each topic in the Quantitative Reasoning sections.

  • Take 10 Mock Exams

Take at least 10 mock GRE exams before you sit for the real thing. After thousands of test-takers, we have reached this number.

This number is a guideline. You can schedule it throughout your study time. Before you start practicing questions, make sure that your conceptual understanding is clear. This will allow you to plan your mock tests in plenty of time and not get bogged down by each question.


These strategies will ensure that you achieve your target score in the time available. We recommend that you seek guidance from mentors such as Scholarden GRE mentors who have helped thousands of test-takers in the past.

You will receive a personalized study plan after their consultation and you will be one step closer towards passing the GRE!