Laboby 2022 Reviews Is It A Genuine Or Scam Website?


The review Laboby review contain precise information on the brand’s clothing and the nature of its business as well as its credibility information about its assessment .

Are you someone who is in search of something that’s larger? Are you in search of an authentic, high-quality dress? The online shopping site known as Laboby began to be launched on the United StatesCalifornia region and in this post we will discuss the Laboby reviews.

Laboby Shop Details

Laboby was established in the year of 2016 and has since grown to become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Laboby is an online shop that operates on the idea of providing high-quality products that are centered around the customer.

Their clothing products include,

  • Plus-sized dress for ladies (Jumpsuits and Two Pieces Two Pieces, Long Dresses, Overcoats, Skirts Jeans)
  • Dresses for women of all types
  • Bottoms (Denim Jeans, Ripped Jeans, Waist Trousers, Pattern Pants)
  • Two Pieces (Zipper Collars, V-Necks, O-Necks, Spilt Joints, Strapless)

Items for the housing

  • Products for swimming pools
  • Gardening products
  • Awning
  • Canopies


To determine if is Laboby Legit or not We must look at specific specifications of the company. This will lead us half way to an authenticity check on the website. Because these requirements are the initial impression of the brand, they reflect the transparency of the site.

  • People can purchase at:
  • E-Mail address:
  • Contact address: 15001 Covey Road ,Montague,California,96064,US
  • Number of phone+12513401338
  • Social media: there are no social media accounts that are associated with the clothing brand online
  • Pay options One of the most popular payment options is PayPal only. If the customers don’t have a PayPal account , they are able to choose to use other payment options
  • User ReviewsLaboby Reviews are missing
  • Originality of content: The provided details are authentic
  • Security policy for privacy It is stored information using AES-256 encryption in order to protect the customer’s information. They adhere to the industry standards and PCI-DSS requirements to safeguard the data.
  • Policy on Returns: There are 35 days to to return their merchandise
  • Policy on refunds: When they have received the item in its the original packaging Customers will receive refunds
  • Delivery policy The moment they are, they deliver to their own United States and free delivery costs for purchases over $50 dollars purchase, and the $9.95 shipping fee for purchases less then $50.00 purchase. It takes 2 to three days to deliver the item as well EMS express will be able to deliver it.

Laboby Reviews have been made not accessible on the internet and we are unable to judge its validity based on the specifications, which is why it requires more investigation.

Highlights that are positive

  • All purchases over $50 get free shipping.
  • They offer trendy and modern clothes in plus sizes.
  • Flexible payment options

Highlights that are negative

  • There are no offers available for any product.
  • The model that shows the clothing’s faces has been removed. This means they aren’t hiring those models and they may have gotten the photos from the web or from a different retailer.
  • Reviews from customers are not available for any product.

Assessment of legitimacy

It is essential to determine if Laboby is Legit because consumers are shifting their shopping choices from traditional shops to online retailers. This is why it is essential to determine the legitimacy of the items prior to purchasing the items.

  • Age of the domain: the website was launched on the 18th of November 2021. The age of the domain is 7 months old.
  • Date of expiration for domains: it will be expired on November 18, 2022. This means that it will expire in five months
  • The name of the Registrar’s: it got registered under
  • Data security: HTTPS is detected and reflects how authentic data transfer
  • The trust score for the site: it has secured only a score of 5 %
  • Reviews from customers: Laboby reviews aren’t accessible on their official website.
  • The score of SEO for the website:is 50%
  • Alexa global rank:4920270
  • Plagiarism percent: their content is 100 % original
  • Name of the company The company name is not being disclosed the company’s name because of privacy security concerns

Summary of Reviews

Their principal focus is the idea of a customer-centric approach however, they’ve not received any feedback, ratings and reviews of their clients. The company doesn’t have any kind of reviews about its merchandise on the internet or on its official website.

They did not gain customers trust. Therefore, it’s difficult to judge its legitimacy. In addition, you are encouraged to read this article entitled ” Credit Card Scams.”


The report Laboby Reviews offered both aspects of the clothing brand, as it has a very low trust rating, and they also mentioned the beginning year of the company as 2016 but the website was created six months ago.

It doesn’t appear to be a genuine online shop, and it’s best to only recommend it for those who are more experienced and even then a thorough analysis is required prior to making a purchase. The readers can read this informative article about for tips on how to avoid recent scams with paypal. Find out more about plus-size clothing and its styles.

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