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What did happen to Lila Smith? Did you even know? What’s changed about her? The fact that a girl disappeared for nearly one week is alarming and a source of concern for all people in Canada and the Canadaand United States. About thirty Billboards in Edmonton display her photo as per information obtained from credible online source. People are seeking her to get more information about. Find out much more information on Lila Smith Missing Edmontonin this article that we’ve written using trustworthy online sources. Spend a few minutes exploring the world of Lila Smith.

Lila Smith is missing Lila Smith

Calgary and Calgary, as well as Canadian cities The city of Calgary has been added to the dashboard search by Lila Smith. A billboard with a digital image located in Calgary shows missing thirteen-year young Lila Smith from the Edmonton region, at an intersection with Olympic Way and 11th Avenue. About 8:30 a.m. around 991 Street as well as 131 Avenue are the exact spots at which Lila Smith was spotted on the 24th of June.

Define your most recent visit to her

Lila family members reported the missing girl to Edmonton police under the heading of Lila Smith Missing Edmonton. She was identified as being a Caucasian woman of approximately 5’9 inches with thin specs. She is reported to about 110lbs, with short brown hair as well as blue-eyed eyes. The girl was wearing a pullover that had the front pocket checked, and a white, endlessly white body. A portion of her arm appeared green one arm had purple. She was also dressed in black Converse sneakers with a backpack and a pair of torn blue jeans.

Investigation into the disappearance of Lila

It’s been more than one week since the police in Edmonton have asked for the public’s assistance in the early hours of today’s inquiry of Lila as Lila Smith is missing from Edmonton. Since then, lost Edmonton banners and images of her have been circulating online throughout Edmonton. Edmonton. Her pictures have also appeared on news announcements hoping someone might recognize her Lila’s cousin Robyn Hanson. Hanson said that she could have received lots of information and that all are being checked. They’re expanding their search to other regions of the country. She has been missing for over one week.

Recent updates in the Lila Smith case

There are around 30 billboards that advertise Smith located in the Edmonton region. The billboard that is announcing Lila Smith Missing Edmonton will feature her photo on other billboards in Canada and at a minimum, which will be in Calgary. Detectives in Edmonton are asking anyone who has information regarding Smith’s disappearance to call them immediately. This week, Calgary police announced that they would be encouraging EPS the investigation.


This blog contains information on Lila Smith, who has been missing for over a week, as well as the most recent inquiry that was conducted to locate her.

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