Lung Cancer in Germany : Know The Expense To Its Treatment


Germany offers lung cancer treatment that can be effective in resolving the disease. Patients who have not had adequate treatment in their home country often choose to be treated at German hospitals. Lung tumors can often be treated early and can even be eradicated. German specialists have developed new methods of diagnosing and treating advanced oncology patients.

German methods to treat lung cancer

The type of lung cancer and stage of the treatment process will determine the treatment plan.

Non-small cell carcinoma without metastases is the preferred surgical option. The doctor will ensure that the patient is not in any way contraindicated to the procedure. It is important to determine if the patient’s ability to function normally after removing part of a lung.

There are three types of radiation therapy that can be used to treat lung cancer: brachytherapy, proton treatment and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).

Combining chemotherapy for lung cancer with other treatments is possible. If metastases have formed, it is recommended. If surgery is impossible or the tumor is resistant to radiation, chemotherapy is an option.

In Germany, there are many innovative treatment options for lung cancer.

  • Cryotherapy. This involves freezing cancer cells. This is used when surgery is not possible for medical reasons.
  • Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a modern treatment that helps the body detect and eliminate cancer cells.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery. This allows the treatment of small lung tumors with precisely directed radiation without the need for incisions.
  • Embolization. After the drug is injected into the tumor vessel the vessel is then blocked.
  • Targeted therapy. Targeted therapy is the use of drugs to identify molecular targets that are involved in malignant processes.

Germany has one of the highest survival rates in Europe. This means that there are real chances for complete treatment or significant life extension.

How much does lung cancer treatment cost in Germany?

The cost of treatment for lung cancer in Germany depends on the stage of the disease, whether there are distant metastases or complications, as well as the patient’s overall health. Price is affected by the amount of medical care required, innovative methods needed, and length of stay in hospital. After reviewing the patient’s medical records, and choosing a treatment plan, the exact cost of each patient is determined.

Prices can also vary depending upon the type of healthcare facility or physician’s qualifications (e.g. The cost of treatment by the Head Physician will be higher. The cost of treatment for oncology in Germany is lower than in the USA or Switzerland, despite being higher than in Asian countries.

Lung cancer treatment with embolization or chemoembolization costs on average 23,895 EUR. Treatment with surgical resection costs 16,112 EUR and treatment using radiotherapy costs 15,800 EUR.

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How do you organize lung cancer treatment in Germany

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