Most popular double-sided tape on the market


Double-sided tapes are one of the most popular tools among DIY-ers. It is a type of adhesive tape with an adhesive coating on both sides, allowing it to bond two surfaces together. Unlike traditional single-sided tape with adhesive on only one side, double-sided tape creates a strong, permanent bond by adhering to both surfaces. Double-sided tape can be made from various materials, including foam, rubber, and acrylic. Some double-sided tapes have a clear film in the centre to give the tape added strength, while others are reinforced with fibreglass or other materials to increase durability.

Double-sided tape is commonly used in a variety of applications, such as mounting objects, securing carpets and rugs, and bonding materials in manufacturing and construction. It is also widely used in crafting and DIY projects as an alternative to traditional glue or adhesive sprays. Overall, double-sided tape is a versatile and helpful product that can provide a strong and reliable bond between two surfaces.

However, finding the best double tape can be difficult as many choices are available in the market. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best product that suffices your need.

The Best Double-Sided Tapes Buying Guide

As mentioned above, double-sided tapes have pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides to help two surfaces stick together. They are available in various sizes and with different materials, which serve different purposes. Some are perfect for heavy-duty projects, while others are great for light-duty purposes. You have to choose the one that’s suitable for you.

Factors to Consider While Buying Double-sided Tapes

Here are some factors to consider so that you buy the best double-sided tape:

Bonding surface

When choosing the best double-sided adhesive tape, the bonding surface is the first factor to consider, and you should check if the surfaces are smooth or rough. While thick and thin tapes work for all flat or slippery surfaces, thick tapes are suited for uneven or rough surfaces because of their large bonding surfaces.


Double-sided tapes come in different widths. Although wide tapes are better suited for sticking heavyweights, they can extend from the object. However, if you use transparent tape, it makes the wide tapes ideal for the purpose. Alternatively, narrow tapes are perfect for light-duty purposes.


The average cost of a double side tape ranges from $6 to $15, with a small supply of tapes selling for under $10. However, tapes ranging from $10 and over are usually heavy-duty and are available on a large scale, especially if you want bulk orders.

Adhesion time

Another feature to consider while deciding on the best tape is how long the adhesion should work. If it is for an occasional job like sticking a carpet to the floor at a time, the temporary tape would be the best choice as it can be removed easily without causing any damage. For jobs that need adhesive to stay on for a long duration, it is advisable to go for a permanent tape with a strong adhesive. It will not be easy to remove because of the strong bond.

Removal effect

If you have the correct information and make the right choice, you can get the best tapes you need. Certain strong tapes have a strong, hard to remove bond. In addition, they are likely to leave a residue if peeled off, with some tearing off the material itself. If you don’t wish to leave any residual adhesive, opt for temporary tapes, as they come with less adhesion and are easy to remove without causing lasting damage.

Climate and temperature

Always pay heed to climate and temperature while choosing a double-sided tape. Factors such as sunshine, UV rays, rain, temperature, moisture, etc., will affect the tape, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. As adhesiveness is directly proportional to temperature, low-temperature results in lower bonding. However, even extremely high temperatures aren’t conducive to good bonding. Hence it is better to opt for tapes that work well at all temperatures, especially when you need them for outdoor projects.

Surface energy

Surface energy is another factor to consider as it tells us how much of the material is attractive or repulsive to the tape. For instance, materials such as glass, tiles, and base metals have higher surface energy, leading to a better bond. Thus, they don’t need high adhesive tape, as the low adhesive tape will work well for them. Alternatively, materials such as plastics have low surface energy, because of which they need tapes with high adhesion. So, permanent tapes are best suited for them.


The next feature to consider is the thickness of the tapes. Tapes over 0.25mm are considered thick, while those below 0.25mm are considered thin. Thick tapes increase the bonding surface area, making them ideal for rough surfaces. Conversely, thin tapes are suitable for even but irregular surfaces as they work perfectly with all the dimensions.

A double-sided tape is a must-have tool in any DIY kit. For bulk orders of high-quality tapes at affordable prices, click here.