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Did you know that NewMexicoDelivers is a highly domain in the United States area? The actual website was registered as a commercial domain with the URL NewMexicoDelivers.Com.

Let’s say we take a look at the news regarding Michelle Lujan Grisham as the governor candidate. Republicans are claiming that Michelle did virtually nothing during her tenure. Let’s take a look at New Mexico to see its purpose and technical information.

About NewMexicoDelivers.Com:

NewMexicoDelivers.Com is a promotional website for the election campaign of Democratic Governor candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham.

To counter criticism of Republican candidates and make people aware of Michelle’s targets if she is elected as a governor, the website NewMexicoDelivers.Com was launched.

The election will be held on November 8, 2022. Jay Block, Greg Zanetti and Rebecca Dow filed their names. Ethel Maharg and Michelle Lujan Grisham are from the Democrats.

Features of New Mexico :

People are searching the website newmexicodelivers.GOV. However, the actual domain name was registered in Canada on 13th April 2022 for the next one year. has a terrible 1% trust index, 61.7% business ranking, 6% suspicion profile, 8% malware score, 0% spam score, 19% threat profile, and phishing profile. has a poor Alexa ranking of 8,189,667. Its IP number uses secure HTTPS protocols and holds a valid SSL certificate for the following 80 days. is hosted on three servers from Canada, GB, and NJ.

Agenda for New Mexico : gives an extensive written explanation of the changes to be brought. The redirects the users to various government websites giving full details about the issues mentioned in English and Spanish and focuses on FAQs.

The website includes eight main agendas from Michelle’s list.

  1. Economic Relief
  2. Regulatory Reform
  3. Child Care
  4. Universal Preschool
  5. Higher Education is tuition-free
  6. Working Families Tax Credit
  7. Social Security Tax Cuts and
  8. Paid Sick Leave

Newmexicodelivers.Com On Social Media:

Each agenda can also be displayed on the @mlujangrisham pages, along with a brief video of 00.15 seconds. Michelle emphasized the important changes she advocates in these videos.

The views for @mlujangrisham New Mexico posts are low with only 44 viewers sharing them and 254 comments on the four videos. Since April, however, Michelle has been featured in a number of interviews and promotional videos.

About Michelle:

Michelle, who is 62 years old and serves as the 32nd Governor for New Mexico. Since 2004, she has been involved in politics and has held various positions. Her contributions were mainly on the grounds for minimum wage, Marijuana legalization and Israel issues, Guns law as well as Environment and Abortion legislation.

Conclusion: has a low Trust Score and Alexa Ranking. The website does not have a high suspicion, threat, or malware score. The New Mexico is endorsed by Michelle on Facebook pages and aims to promote public awareness about the governor’s election campaign. Hence, is classified as potentially legitimate. It will take some time for it to rise in the internet ranks.

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