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Table of Contents

  • Who are Ni-Ki?
  • Who is Niki Enhypen’s Older Sister?
  • What are the achievements of Niki?
  • Additional capabilities of Ni-Ki are:
  • Final Verdict:

What is the name of Ni-Ki?

The boy from the group called Ni-Ki debuted on November 30, 2020. Ni-Ki’s birth name was Nishimura Riki, but the stage name is actually Ni-Ki. He is a vocalist from Japan and the primary dancing partner of Maknae.

Sagittarius as his sign of the zodiac, while Rooster is his Chinese zodiac sign. It is the 9th day of December, 2005, to be his birthday. The blood type of Ni-Ki has the blood type “B,” weight 63 kilograms, and height of 183 centimeters.

Ni-Ki hails born in Okayama, Japan, and has gained immense popularity within the span of a single year. He is well-known to his followers and fans.

What is Niki Enhypen’s older sister?

The older sister of Niki was born in 2004 , and she had one younger sister as well as his father, mother and a animal named Bisco.

His older sister is 1 year younger than Niki. Niki is also famous for her the nicknames Little Michael Jackson and Super Dancer.

He was trained for approximately eight months prior to his participation in I-Land and securing fourth place in the finals by securing around 1,140,718 votes.

What are the achievements of Niki?

Ni-Ki danced as a backup from 2016 to 2017 on SHINee on one stage. Read on to learn the details regarding Niki Enhypen older sister and the other facts. He was also named the best dancer in I-Land.

Ni-Ki became a huge hit following his appearance on the initial episode of I-Land called SuperM’s. He was a part of the show along with two other contestants eliminated, Nicholas and Hanbin.

Numerous celebrities have praised Ni-Ki’s and his dance skills. Some of them are Son Sungdeuk, the Big Hit Entertainment’s choreographer Doobu SEVENTEN’s The8 and J-Hope from BTS.

Additional abilities of Ni-Ki comprise the following:

  • Ni-Ki is left-handed , and she can also play the piano with ease.
  • He could learn choreographies in just 10 minutes. He is also Niki become enthralled by his older sister.
  • The date of his birth is the same as STAYC ITZY’s Yuna Loona’s Vivi, AeXa, Nahyun SHINee’s Minho and many other people.
  • Life is dance is his principle.
  • He started dancing at age 3 to the Michael Jackson album.
  • He boasts that he is the top hip hop artist.

Final Verdict:

Ni-Ki, one of the siblings of Enhypen is well-known for his performance as a dancer in I-Land where he stepped in the front.

His other sisters include Yang Jungwon, Kim Sunoo and Niki along with the younger one is Park Sunghoon, and Jay the only son of his.