Onlinebookclub April 2022 Scam Know The Authenticity Here!


Are you trying to locate unbiased opinions on whether Onlinebookclub a scam? Read the sections below carefully.

Have you heard about a site that claims to offer money for reading and reviewing books? Take a look at this article to learn more. Reading books is a fantastic exercise to build the ability to concentrate and vocabulary. Additionally, a number of United States reports have found that the book reading can reduce anxiety or stress levels.

So, in this article we will go over the essential aspects of an online book-reviewer site, i.e., To determine if you’re a victim of the Onlinebookclub scam or not, please read this article thoroughly.

Explaining Some Vital Points Of The Portal

  • Domain Registration DateThe domain was registered 15 years 7 months and 14 days back, i.e. 14-09-2006.
  • Trust rank() 58.1/100 value is kept.
  • Alexa Rank– The site accumulated an amount of 48,765.
  • trust score 98 The declared value is 98.9%.
  • Day of Expiry for Site14-09-2028 is its suspension date.

We’ll move toward the next section to examine the central tenet of the issue.

Is Onlinebookclub Scam?

After separating the sources online and analyzing the comments, we found a lot of readers who left comments on this site. Additionally, upon analyzing every thread we noticed that the website received diverse reactions from readers.

So, we are unable to determine its authenticity since we had mixed reviews. Therefore, we suggest you to investigate the website on your own and act in the right direction. However, if you’d like to learn more about this portal’s overview and feedback from users, you can move to the next section.

About The Portal

As we browsed through threads, we noticed that this website provides book readers with money for reading books. Furthermore the Onlinebookclub scam sources revealed that they offer a variety of benefits to users after registration.

If you think that this website is ideal for your hobbies You can move forward through this article thoroughly. Let’s look at certain positive aspects of this website in the following section.

What Facilities Are Served By The Site?

  • The site is home to a variety of book reviewers who assist you to select the best-rated books from the thousands of books.
  • With the help of the bookshelf feature on the website Users can save all their favourite books in one spot.
  • The strings attached to the Onlinebookclub Scam showed that the users could talk about any book at any time with other members.

Tell us what compensation they offer for reviewing books that are mentioned in the sub-paragraph.

Paying Scale Offered To The Readers

While investigating the site and its reviews, we found that the review of a particular user is accepted by them, they’ll be paid $5-$60 via PayPal.

What Are Users Saying To This Website?

Over Trustpilot The portal gathered the 4.1/5 excellent rating based on mixed reviews. The site also received an overall 5-star rating from another review site. However, on a discussion site, it was able to redress negative reviews.


In this piece we looked at the site to determine if Onlinebookclub scam whether or not. We also gathered mixed reactions, which cannot be used to determine the original appearance of the site. Visit this page for more information about book reviews.

Is the site genuine? Please share your thoughts below.