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Did you know that Double Stuffed Oreo was launched in the United States in 1974? It’s over 48 years old and is an extremely popular and loved cookie. Did you find out that Oreo claimed that their cookies contained more than double (2X) in cream as compared to the regular Oreo cookies? However, this claim has not been proven to be accurate. The results of two studies showed two experiments showed that Oreo Double Cookies Stuffed has just 1.86X up to 1.91X times more cream than regular cookies.

About Double Stuffed Oreo:

Double Stuffed Oreo was launched on the market as an option to be taken to school for lunches for kids (or) to the workplace or office, and enjoyed at home in a relaxed setting. It is Double Stuffed Oreo tastes good when paired with milk since it comes with twice the cream, which adds sweet taste and also contains chocolate flavor. Therefore, Double Stuffed Oreo are thought to be more drinkable.

Double Stuffed Oreo is a authentic product that is sold within the US and other markets around the world. Double Stuffed Oreo is sold through a variety of online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Etc. Double Stuffed Oreos has a prominent profile on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram as well as Twitter with over 4,20,27,596 followers.

There are many positive YouTube and online reviews for Double Stuffed Oreo. One hundred and one reviews posted on Facebook are rated Double Stuffed Oreo at 4/5 stars. Double Stuffed Oreo reviews on sites for shopping are mostly positive and are above 4.5/5-stars.

Mondelez Internationa owns the Oreo company. Through a string of mergers and acquisitions Mondelez Internationa launched Oreo on 6 March 2012. Oreo is a well-known and popular brand. Oreo brand has been around for a long time and has a long history on the market.

Double Stuffed Oreo are available in various sizes that are that are suitable for consumption by individuals and also in a huge one pound size.

Double Stuffed Oreo Package contains:

Artificial flavor baking soda and calcium phosphate chocolate and cocoa that has been processed using alkali, folic acids, High fructose corn syrup palm, niacin, canola oil, iron reduced salt, riboflavin vitamin B2 soy lecithin, thiamine mononitrate vitamin B1 Unbleached enriched and unbleached flour sugar, wheat flour.

A teacher was looking to determine whether Double Stuffed Oreo contains 2X the cream found in the regular Oreo cookies. The teacher discovered an amount of cream in Double Stuffed Oreo is about 1.86X times greater than the regular Oreo cream cookie, which leaves an insufficient amount of 0.14X the amount of cream.

Another experiment conducted performed by an YouTube user who was a YouTube user, the weight of just the cookies was determined and then the amount of weight for each Oreo Double Cookie stuffed with cream was compared. This Double Stuffed Oreo contained 1.91X times more cream than the Original cookies.


Oreo is a definite product sold in America. USA since more than 48 years. Three different variants, Oreo Thin, Original Oreo and Mega 3X Oreos that are stuffed with chocolate are also on the market. Oreo is a well-known brand. Oreo name is over 110 years old. The flavor of Oreos is loved by many people who have given high ratings for the product.

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