Roomnrn Reviews Know If It Is This An Authentic Site Or Scam !


This Roomnrn Review update will inform readers about the legitimacy and operation of the Roomnrn shop. Please take a moment to read the post and find out more about the site.

Are you looking for a magnetic phone holder or a magnetic case? These gadgets are popular online. We have some suggestions for you. The Roomnrn shop is well-known for its products. Roomnrn Review will provide more information about the website’s credibility, reliability, honesty and accuracy.

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Roomnrn shop

Roomnrn Shop is an e-commerce platform that offers exceptional utility products. All their products are high quality and ship worldwide. The shop focussed on Customer-satisfaction. You will find the best products here. This is a list of products that are available on this site.

  • Data Cable mobile phone Stand
  • Beach mat
  • Phone Holder
  • Seed Transplanter
  • Car cup Holder

Is Roomnrn Legit? This post answers this question. Many buyers wanted to know more about Roomnrn’s legitimacy. This will help save thousands from falling for the lies and pitfalls of online shopping. We ask that everyone refrain from shopping until they have verified its legitimacy. This shop is described in detail.

Roomnrn Shop

  • Purchase phone holder from
  • Email Id:
  • Details: WC1V7QT 330 High Holborn UK, London
  • Phone number: 442086385417
  • There are no Roomnrn Review in the shop’s collection. No online review site has also ranked their products.
  • Refund: They offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Shipping Policy: Orders are shipped within 1 day of payment. It takes 7-20 days for orders to reach their destination.
  • Return Policy: Orders can be returned within 14-days for a full refund
  • Payment Modes: American Express, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • You can also find location information, email, and phone numbers.
  • Worldwide express shipping is available
  • All orders above $39.99 qualify for free shipping
  • There are many positive comments and ratings on the Facebook page.

Negative Highlights

  • We could not find any reviews relevant to the portals or online.

Is Roomnrn Legit?

All the features on this website have been mentioned. These features don’t prove the website’s legitimacy. Other factors are important in determining whether online sites are legal and accurate. We recommend that you verify all information provided here.

  • Registration The website was launched on June 28, 2022. Only seventeen days have passed since the site launched.
  • Trust Score The Roomnrn shop only has a one percent trust score. This makes it a fake and dubious website.
  • RegistrarRoomnrn Shop is registered through LLC
  • Buyers Views: We did not find any Roomnrn Reviews in the website’s database. It is a scam website. Customer opinions are important.
  • Social Media: A Facebook page where people left reviews and good comments about their products was found. It also received 5/5 ratings.
  • Missing Information The shop provided all necessary contact information, but our team could not find the owner’s details.
  • Expiry date:This domain (Roomnrn) will expire on June 28, 2023.
  • Policy The policies are all appropriate and buyers can review them if they have any questions about shipping and return policies.
  • Data Security –Roomnrn uses HTTPS protocol for data transfer

Roomnrn Review

Although our team did extensive research, we could not find any credible and relevant reviews about the products listed on this site. The ratings of their products have not been shared by any online site. One page on Facebook has received 5/5 ratings and some positive comments. The buyers shared their experiences and stated that the delivery was prompt and that the machine was exceptional. These reviews are not available on official or online websites. We have listed our policies for getting your money in the event of a scam via Credit Card.

Final Thoughts

This post is about Roomnrn Review. The website was registered only seventeen days ago. It has a trust score of 1%, which is not very favorable. Although this website has very few reviews on social platforms, there are no online reviews. We recommend waiting for more online reviews to avoid being taken in by a scam . You can also find details about how to obtain a return on PayPal Scamming .

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