Seafood Men Must Avoid

Seafood Men Must Avoid

Talking about what non-vegans like to eat, there is a category that is liked even by partly vegan people. You would have always read about how red meat is accused by doctors and health experts of contributing to heart disorders, obesity, Erectile Dysfunction, mental health, and much more. But this is one such non-vegan eatable that has positive reactions even from medical experts. Yes, you heard it perfectly all right!!!

We are talking about none other than seafood. You must see some people claim to be vegan despite eating fish and shrimp. You would see most of the time people saying good about sea foods, how they help in losing weight and metabolism. But like every coin seafood too has two sides. Here, we shall educate readers about the seafood they must avoid to remain healthy if they don’t want to consume Vidalista 60mg.

We have tried to keep the list as much relevant as possible. Hence, the chances that you already know a few of them.

Farmed Imported Shrimps

Ask any seafood lover, he or she would think about having a bit of shrimp, be it any variety. It could be fried shrimp dipped in sauce or a bowl of shrimp soup, which makes a good meal. But to remain healthy, you need to avoid imported shrimps, especially if they are farmed. The reason behind not eating farmed imported shrimps is not that it contains some extremely unhealthy, but it is a concerning ecological balance that may get damaged if too many shrimps get farmed.

Of the shrimp which you get in the United States, almost more than 90% of them are imported from South Asian nations like Vietnam, Thailand, and China. The reason behind experts discouraging the farming of shrimp is that the location of the farming often ends up getting so polluted that people residing around the area had to shift.

This leads to medium-scale migration that may not seem a big issue initially but ends up in demographical changes. The second reason is that the farmed shrimps tend to replace mangroves and other vegetation on the coast that otherwise would have protected the soil from erosion.

Farmed Salmon from Pens (Atlantic)

The farmed salmon is a rich source of antibiotics, which are given in great amounts in the plantation process to remain free of diseases. But these antibiotics end up polluting the water body, mostly oceans, seas, or if in a protected area, then that water body. The best practice is to farm salmons in freshwater. The majority of salmons are farmed in areas that are prone to parasites and ailments that threaten the growth of wild salmon.


One of the most popular seafood, especially in the western world, not so in the Middle East and Asian nations has to be Tuna. From street shops to multi-star restaurants you can find Tuna everywhere. The extent of consuming Tuna is such that environment experts also presented their view that Tuna might go endangered.

Going by the stats, it is the second most popular seafood in states after shrimps. In supermarkets, you could easily get canned tuna, which is pre-cooked. Another reason for avoiding Tuna is the heavy presence of mercury in it, which has long-term side effects, leading to overall damage to certain organs in some cases.

Hence, if you or members of your family and tuna fanatics, then have sardines in place of tuna. Sardines are considered one of the healthiest seafood available.

Caviar (Wild)

Caviar of any kind undergoes overfishing, especially from beluga and wild sturgeon due to huge demand. But besides overfishing, the species faces serious threats of extinction due to the large-scale construction of dams. Due to this, they tend to pollute the area where they reside or are farmed.

Any variety of caviar that you get is derived from a fish that has taken a long time to get matured completely. Hence, replacing that lost fish takes a long time. So, with more people wanting caviar, the chances for a population of those fishes to remain normal is very less, it will rather become prone to extinction.

You have a replacement for caviar if you love them very much. Try fish eggs from the Sturgeon of American Lake.

Chilean Sea Bass

Another fish or seafood which you get not look at for consumption is Chilean Sea Bass. In the commercial nomenclature, it is named Patagonian Toothfish. The main reason to avoid it is the extensive fishing that has made it prone to extinction. Experts say that if the current trend of consumption and fishing continues, in 5 years, we could see Chilean Sea Bass becoming extinct. You get similar pleasure and nutrition by taking haddocked, it makes you get rid of Fildena Pill and Cenforce 100 Blue Pill.