The Average Cost Of Wedding Invitations And How To Get Them Cheap


Overall, a couple spends somewhere in the range of $500 and $700 for 100 wedding invitations and reaction cards, as per the Wedding Report. Endeavouring to pinpoint the normal cost of a wedding greeting is like endeavouring to conclude the sum it expenses to go out to dinner: there are heaps of factors that can influence the expense. From where you’re buying your sales, to the materials and plans you’ve picked, to the quantity of requests you want to orchestrate, various little decisions can add up to a significant differentiation in full scale costs. The aggregate that one couple spends on their hello suite can twofold or even triple when appeared differently in relation to another couple’s spending.

Costs for a conventional wedding rapidly heighten after you calculate the gathering and vacation. However, the amount of the ‘easily overlooked details,’ which once in a while slip by everyone’s notice, can amount to a critical sum! A portion of the lesser wedding costs, like wedding solicitations, may require some resourcefulness on your part if you have any desire to minimise expenses.

To expect anything less than a masterpiece from your wedding invitation is unreasonable. This is a momentous occasion, and your invitations should reflect that. The typical Australian couple spends $800 on invites alone.

Having a big wedding is a common fantasy, but the financial commitment it requires can be overwhelming for couples who are also responsible for paying for essentials like rent and food. Knowing where to cut costs may make even a modest wedding spectacular.

Factors in Wedding Invitations Costs

Assuming you’re attempting to adhere to your wedding greeting spending plan (or even set one in any case), you ought to comprehend which elements will influence your general greeting costs. While the typical expense of wedding solicitations is somewhere in the range of $300 and $700, consider these things that influence the main concern while making your greeting choices.

Determine the kind of wedding you want 

When you picture your wedding, what do you see? A fancy gathering at a midtown space? A patio grill with every one of your loved ones? An exemplary inn dance hall gathering?

In the event that you want somewhat more motivation, contemplate every one of the weddings you’ve been to, seen on television, or looked at on Pinterest. What did you like — dislike — about them?

Try not to get hung up on the little subtleties presently. All things considered, ponder the general feeling you maintain that your wedding should have. With regards to arranging a wedding on a careful spending plan, realising your needs matters.

Invitation Quantity

While perhaps obvious, it bears stating outright that the larger your guest count, the more invitations you’ll need to send—and since invitations are priced per card, your costs will increase with the quantity you order. All the more reason for trimming down that guest list if you’re looking to cut costs!

Decorative Elements

Foil printing, an embossed monogram, rounded corners, recycled paper…there are tons of decorative elements you can use to personalise your invitations. Since these pieces of paper really set the tone for your wedding’s style, many couples want them to make a distinctive statement. But like most things, the more bells and whistles you add to your elegant wedding invitation design, the higher the price will climb.


In this day and age of electronic communication and online social networks, an electronic invitation is perfectly appropriate. A wedding invitation email can include a video of the happy couple as well as photos and details about where guests can stay. A resourceful couple can make the best use of this plan.Here you can get free save the date template free.


You can save money in two ways by sending a postcard invitation: on the invitation itself and on the postage. Make the response cards postcards instead of the complete invitation if you choose. Recently, We were invited to a wedding and included on the invitation was a postcard-style response card that could be detached and used separately. How original!

Photographic wedding invitations are now as common as photographic holiday cards and photographic birth announcements. Not only is it easy to make on sites like Shutterfly, but it also makes a great keepsake for the guests.

Go to a thrift store for your dress or suit

Wedding dresses and suits or tuxes are often a sizable line item on wedding budgets. But they don’t have to be. You can find beautiful, vintage wedding dresses and tuxes or suits in thrift stores. Make a day of it and see what you can find. Your wedding finery may need a little mending or tailoring, but even with that cost added on it will be much less expensive than a new dress.