Total Shield 5g Protection April Reviews Is It Worth The Money ?


Read the the complete Shield 5g Security Review to learn more about what the product’s purpose is it’s features, benefits and feedback from customers.

Did you be aware that electronic devices produce electromagnetic radiations that aren’t healthy for humans? These electromagnetic radiations are produced at an alarming rate by cell phone towers electronic transponders (also known as cell phones) wireless routers, cordless devices as well as Wi-Fi baby monitors, and the majority of electronic devices. The radiations can be harmful to sensitive individuals increasing fatigue, sluggishness nausea, irritation dizziness, eye strain (or) skin rashes.

Let’s look at Total Shield 5g Protection Review This product was developed within the United States to neutralize these frequencies.


Its Total Shield 5g Protection , an electronics device makes use of Copper Tesla Coils to generate an electromagnetic frequency that neutralizes negative radiations. The Total Shield 5g protection is comprised of two coils. One coil is able to detect the frequency of frequencies that are negative within the area, and creates a counter frequency to neutralize them. The second coil produces the 7.83 frequency, which is an exact analog of Earth’s magnetic field Resonant frequency.

It is available in four different versions: Total Shield 5g Protection comes in four variations consisting of 1 coil and 2 coils three coils as well as four coils. Total Shield 5g Protection Review The Total Shield 5g Protection Reviewascertained that the use of two coils is the most effective option. They are able to cover an amount of 27,280 Sq.ft. and are suitable for modern offices and households with an abundance of electronic equipment.

What is it and how do you utilize it?

  1. Put Total Shield 5g Protection in a central spot in your house (or) your office.
  2. Plug in your AC adaptor, and then connect to the The Total Shield 5g Security.
  3. Choose EP or Choose GW (or) both options.


The Effective Coverage Area

  • 1 Coil–20,000Sq.Ft
  • 2 Coils–28,280Sq.Ft
  • 3 Coils–34,641Sq.Ft
  • 4 Coils–40,000Sq.Ft
  • Magnetic Opposition1H Oersted Per 20,000Sq.Ft Grid line not nulling.


  • 1 Coil–$325.00
  • 2 Coils–$400.00
  • 3 Coils–$470.00
  • 4 Coils–$525.00
  • 5G Antenna(optional)–$100.00
  • Shield 5g Total Shield 5g Security Review is a confirmation of its brand-nameTotal Shield
  • Buy,, and
  • Region of Manufacture–Gilbert, Arizona, United States
  • Principal Purpose:Protection from EMFs
  • Material-Copper Tesla Coil
  • Manufacturer Warranty–1 Yr
  • Power Requirements —9-15V Includes an AC Wall adapter
  • Weight–1.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions–9.5”x4.5”
  • Best Location–at an Central Location
  • Minimum Field Input–1XE-12V/Sq.Mts.


  • The Total Shield 5g protection safeguards your from damaging frequencies
  • Ideal for people who face health problems due to Electro Magnetic Frequencies.
  • It operates on Geopathic Stress mode, EMF Protection mode (or) both modes.

Advantages identified in the Total Shield 5g Security Review :

  • Total Shield 5g isn’t a very well-known brand, even after a long duration of existence
  • Feedback from customers pointed out negative consequences for humans and pets
  • Fiveg Total Shield Protection could have any effect on EMF meters.

Does it work? worth the money?

Let’s take a look at Total Shield 5g Protection and its name to determine whether it’s worth the price.

The brand’s name:

  • Information on Total Shield company owning this type of product as well as its official website are not found on shopping websites.
  • The specifics of the brand is available online thus it is an unspecific brand
  • The brand and company are not represented on presence on social media.
  • Total Shield 5g Security Review Ratings, reviews, business and Alexa rating on Total Shield is not available.

The product’s description:

  • The Total Shield 5g Protection is sold from March 2013.
  • Total Shield 5g protection is available at reputable online shopping websites like,, etc.
  • Customers been provided with Total Shield 5g Protection delivery and left neutral feedback.
  • The efficacy that comes with Total Shield 5g Protection was widely acknowledged by users. Read here to know more.

Thus, Total Shield 5g Protection is a product that could be genuine. However, there is no information available for the brand, Total Shield.

Customers Total Shield 5g Protection Review :

One YouTube review offered positive feedback on Total Shield 5g Protection; the 78 reviews of customers on websites that sell it rated it 4/5 stars. There are no reviews of the product found on review websites as well as on the internet and social media.

Around 20% of users left negative feedback, stating they felt that Total Shield 5g Protection made their pets feel uncomfortable, disrupted the sleeping patterns of the users Some users reported feeling discomfort when they stood close to the device, or felt numbness in their arms. However, since no changes were observed on the EMF meters, and the product wasn’t effective in any way. Therefore, be aware of the product’s Legality to avoid getting frauds.


Total Shield 5g Protection Review The review of Total Shield 5g Protectionconcludes that it could be an authentic product. While customers have received the product and 74% of them given positive feedback, a lot of customers have complained about negative side effects. We recommend that you to consider alternatives, because better quality and well-respected products are readily available on the web

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