Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code Know June Insights!


This article focuses on how to use the Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code as well as the different map options for Ultimate Murder Mystery.

Are you playing Fortnite player and in search of some cool codes? We have you covered! A lot of users from United Kingdom, United States as well as around the world are looking for that Fortnite murder mystery codes. These codes can help players obtain special items and benefits while playing the game.

This comprehensive article will go over the various Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Codes.

What’s the various codes used in Murder Fortnite’s mystery?

There are a variety of maps, each with different codes. The codes can provide benefits that will help players when they complete these different types.

Here are different codes for different maps.

  • 2775 2697 8614 for the blackout The hunted
  • 0203 9687 0056 For The Nightmare Forest
  • 9736 4845 6318 For Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery
  • 6571 0741 2073 For Pro Murder Mystery
  • 4937 3733 1628 For Night Hunter – Sacrifice
  • 1893 1509 8081 For Minecraft Murder Mystery
  • 5893 2263 5834 For Murder Swamp
  • 9850 2841 2309 For Gaming House

Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Maps that include their descriptions

The Blackout Hunted –

If you’re an escaped survivor, you have to find some resources in order to escape from the computer. If you’re an hunter, you must to prevent the survivors from leaving.

The Nightmare forest

In this particular map, players need to figure out a way to escape. There are a few tasks to be completed by acquiring equipment.

Bloody Mines Murder Mystery –

In the map you need to be safe from the murderer who is in the abandoned mine.

Another Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Maps

Pro Murder Mystery – 8 roles

Contrary to other maps, in this map, you’ll have eight roles to choose from such as Doctor, Witch, Detective, Murderer, Clown, Peely, Seer or Skelton. You will need to use your unique skills to win and support your team.

Night Hunter Sacrifice –

The map can be described as a deadly and a terrifying map. From dawn to dusk, you do your best to live and safe from the dangers of hunters.

Gaming House Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Code

On this map, only five players are permitted. It is your responsibility to locate the murderers in the darkness using a flashlight.


This article we’ve updated you on the most recent codes for Murder Mystery Fortnite and what are the codes as well as the maps. We also provide you with the various maps in order to give you an idea of the game as well as the best way to play it. If you’re interested in knowing the details regarding Ultimate Murder Mystery Fortnite Coderead here.

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