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Are you aware of Vidcon? Videomakers, fans, executives and web-based brands gather each year for VidCon events. Famous internet video stars are the primary draw of the event. With more than 100 brand exhibitors The main event, VidCon United States recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Due to the covid-19 pandemic and other issues, Vidcon has been celebrating the event this year following 3 years without a reunion.

Read this Vidcon 2023 article to find out details about the Vidcon event as well as its updated program.

Why do people get so excited regarding Vidcon 2023?

The event took place in Anaheim, California, from June 22-June 25, online video makers of all kinds, from MrBeast as well as GamingMermaid on YouTube as well as Khaby Lame as well as Charli D’Amelio from TikTok and TikTok, came together to host VidCon 2022. The crowd is so excited to see their favorite creators at Vidcon Festival. But, due to the omicron variation of Covid-19 The Vidcon team delayed its Sao Paulo, Brazil event until 2023. Learn more information regarding this great worldwide event.

Vidcon Tickets 2022

In the wake of Covid outbreak The event to create content was delayed. However, now Vidcon will be returning following the three-year. From June 22 through May 25, 2022 Anaheim, California, will be the host city for Vidcon America.

Content creators and their followers are eager to learn more on event tickets.

Tickets for Vidcon can be purchased directly on the event’s website. There are five different ticket types that are available to clients to go to the event.

The most expensive package available at Vidcon is $899. Tickets range from anywhere from $69 up to the amount of $899. Below are the specifics of the Vidcon tickets 2022.

  • Tickets for the Chaperone (Community) Tickets cost $139 for someone who is less than 16.
  • At $149 you can purchase a 4-day pass is also available.
  • The creator Track is accessible for $229 for budding creators.
  • This Industry Track is accessible for $899 to professionals working in the field.
  • In addition, a single-day pass for Friday or Saturday will cost $69 and is also offered to customers.

World-wide event Vidcon

It was the VidCon conference was founded in the year 2000 by John Hank and John Hank Green, widely known as the “Vlogbrothers,” and was acquired at the end of 2018 from Viacom (Paramount). However because of the Covid-19 omicron version the Vidcon 2023 Sao Paulo date couldn’t be set yet. However, the California festival is on with many sparkles.

In Vidcon USA 2022 you’ll be able to meet some of the most famous personalities in blogging, gaming and content creation. Participants are Rebecca Black, Brittany Broski, Charli D’Amelio, SZA and others.

In addition there will be a variety of guests speaking, which include professional from the company and content creators.


To summarize this article we’ve informed our readers with regards to the Vidcon program, guestlist and the schedule. Follow the following hyperlink to access the official site that is Vidcon .

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