Warframe Platinum Guide : How To Buy And Detailed Info


If you’re looking to trade or purchase weapons slots in Warframe you will require Platinum. Warframe Platinum is just as important as money in the game, and we’ve figured out exactly the best ways to acquire it.

The reason Warframe Platinum is Important?

Warframe Platinum is an excellent way to obtain colours palettes, slots for Warframe loadsout slots, as well as weapons slots, as they cannot be obtained through any other manner. Additionally, items that are exclusive, discontinued or Founder’s exclusive can be bought by purchasing platinum.

Other items like Warframes and parts for weapons are available through the game. But platinum is the fastest way to obtain these items. In reality, you could also utilize Warframe to make your crafting faster. Additionally, you can make use of platinum to trade with players. Thus platinum is an integral element of Warframe.

Methods to Earn Warframe Platinum:

Below are a few ways for you to earn Platinum:

Through Arcanes

Selling arcanes is among the most effective ways to earn thousands or hundreds of pounds of platinum. Arcanes can be obtained by two methods. You can either kill Eidolon Teralysts Gantulysts and Hydrolysis or capture them to earn greater rewards. Remember that capturing will offer you a higher and rarer arcane that killing. Below are the arcanes we believe we believe are the most profitable

1. Max Arcane Energize
2. Max Arcane Fury
3. Max Arcane Guardian
* By corrupted Mods

Mods that have been corrupted can be sold for a chance to win Warframe platinum. The cost for the corrupted mod you’re selling through the marketplace and then you can fix the price. To fully benefit from this technique, first discover the mod that the market would like and work hard to obtain the mod that is corrupt. Then, you can sell it to exchange some platinum.

Through Aura Mods

It is possible to sell aura mods on the market to earn platinum. While aura mods are scarce since you can only obtain them from specific alert missions, they’re generally not worth much. However, this doesn’t mean that you must immediately eliminate the aura mod for the cost it is currently sold on the market. In fact, it’s often better to hold off and let the price rise over time.

By modifying dual stat elements

Mods with dual stats are able to be purchased on the market after determining their worth. It’s not simple to acquire dual stat elemental modifications as they are available through spy missions or levels forty or more missions. Certain mods will provide you with an impressive quantity of platinum.

Through Nightmare Mods

It is also possible to sell nightmare mods on the marketplace for a huge sum. They can be purchased through the nightmare missions.

By Veiled Riven Mods

The hidden riven mods are among of the easiest mods you can sell. But, you need to sell it as quickly as you can. You could earn a few additional platinum if raise your mod’s veiled riven status to God riven level with a little effort.

Through Prime Parts

It is among the most accessible ways to earn the platinum level in Warframe. It is not necessary to make any extra effort to obtain the best components, other than engaging in the game. When you’ve found a good part then you’ll have to compare the cost against the market price and then sell it. It is sometimes an ideal idea to hold off before selling something for a affordable price since rates fluctuate with the time. It is also possible to break the prime components into smaller components based on that the method you choose will provide buyers with more gold.

Through Ayatan Sculptures

Ayatan sculptures are an essential element of the game in Endo. If you happen to have a few extra Ayatan sculptures, you should certainly sell them off and receive some platinum.

Through competitions for the community

There are often contests run by fans. The prize for the majority of these contests is platinum. Therefore, if you play and win a game through chance, you’ll get plenty of platinum.

Through Clan Prizes

Be part of an organization that regularly participates in contests for platinum. This way you can earn platinum with out putting in any effort.

Through the Real-World Currency

You can buy many platinum packs through this method for the cost of real-world currency. Platinum packs can be purchased through Warframe’s Official Warframe website where you need to sign in using your account.

The various packages include:

1. 75 platinum for EUR 4.49.
2. 170 Platinum at EUR 8.99.
3. 350 Platinum at EUR 17.77.
4. 1100 Platinum is EUR 44.99.
5. 2100 Platinum at EUR 89.99.
6. 4300 Platinum at EUR 179.99.

You are able to use the strategies discussed above as often as you’d like to acquire the maximum amount of Warframe platinum items as you want. Therefore, you can enjoy speeding up your processes and buying many items.