Westjet Flights to Space Know If It Is A Joke !


The article gives an improved picture of Westjet Space Flights Space initiative and also some theories.

Do you ever witness ordinary people performing reels during space? Do you want to be fooled on April Fool’s Day?

The Canada company, which is a subsidiary of the Canadian Aircraft Company, announced that it would transport people to space in only 32 days , from Toronto from Mars, Pluto, and Saturn with its brand new Boeing 787-9,000X.

Here’s the news story concerning the reliability of Westjet flights towards Space

Information about Westjet Space flights

On April 1, 2022 Westjet has announced their human spaceflight plans via social media. It has created an exclusive spacecraft called WestJet-X to ensure safety and comfort of passengers. The X symbolizes space.

WestJet is convinced that space travel is not only for astronauts or billionaires, therefore they have cut the costs of flight by 50% in comparison to their rivals’ prices. The airline has set the lower cost of $500,000 per individual.

However, it’s joke that is a simple April Fool’s Day joke. Learn more to discover.

What is the reason Westjet flights towards Space have been popular?

Since Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Musk’s SpaceX as well as Bezos’ Blue Origin started their space explorations that have helped to create an unshakeable belief that everyday people can be in space. Therefore, reaching the skies is possible by these commercial flights.

People were even fascinated by this kind of space exploration through spending a lot of dollars.

And Amazon founder Bezos’s space explorations piqued the interest of people. The idea of a human space trip was instilled in the minds of many. Today, it is an aviation trend-setter on the world of social media.

Accessibility of services

Westjet Space Flights Space intends to offer many amenities for passengers during their space voyage. They offer some themed trips to the galaxy with a reasonable price and specially designed aisles that are suitable for travel. They also offer one-way tickets to take you on a space trip.

They have expanded their services by offering a broad selection of snacks as well as soft drinks throughout the space travel.

The spacecraft comes with wi-fi and in-flight entertainment services that feature the Planet of the Apes movie.

Also, they have organized for lodging facilities for passengers before taking off on space flights, offering all-inclusive economical and low-cost accommodation packages.

Discussions about the launch of the space mission

When Westjet flights to Space made the announcement on April Fool’s day we can confirm the credibility of the announcement. Let’s look into the reasons behind this prank?

They claimed they were traveling towards Saturn, Pluto, or perhaps another galaxy, to begin with. But could a typical Boeing plane flight into a different galaxy that is separated by millions AU can be operated?

The most significant factor is that they stated the cost for a single-way ticket, but did not mention the two-way travel; every trip has to be both either up or down, and the one-way ticket will increase the likelihood of us speculating on the announcement.


A few people believed that Westjet flights to Space could be a valuable one, but others aren’t because the program doesn’t give full details on the classes, their qualifications, etc.

It seems like an ordinary flight booking. It would be great to have WestJet could address these problems. For more information,

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