Who is Kevin Samuel’s Ex Wife ? Know If He Was Married ? Know All About Him !


This post pertains to Kevin Samuel’s ex-wife. Read the entire article to find out about his wife’s name and family information.

Kevin Samuel, the popular YouTuber who died on May 5, 2022. Samuel was known for keeping his personal life secret. Do you know the ex-wife of Samuel? According to sources, Samuel has been married two times. Kevin was a YouTuber and an influencer with millions of followers from Canada and the United States and Canada. If you’re looking to learn more about his wife, continue scrolling through on this page.

Let’s start the discussion with Kevin Samuels Ex-Wife.

Who was Kevin’s wife?

Kevin has been married two times before and later divorced. According to his interview with VLAD TV, he was married to his high school friend however they split within a year. The couple knew each one since the fourth grade. The couple has a child, who was born in 2001.

Following seven years divorce, he fell in love with a woman who was got married. In the course of three years, they divorced due to irreconcilable differences. He said that he does not make negative remarks about his former wives.

Was Kevin Samuels Married?

The truth is that Kevin had a wedding.. After the divorce, there’s no mention about his wedding. Kevin kept his personal life private. According to some sources Kevin was engaged to an influencer on social media and a model. Kevin was reported to be in a relationship the model of social media @sixthegoddi, who was in 2020.

in 2021 Kevin had been seen by Brittany Renner. Following that it was speculated that they might be having a romantic relationship. We were unable to find any evidence of the identity of his wife. Kevin has never made any public making public statements about his relations. The name of Kevin Samuel’s wife was not disclosed.

Kevin’s Family

As we’ve already mentioned, Kevin was never married to anyone prior to his divorce. Kevin’s mother is Beverly Samuels Burch. His mother was unaware of the passing of his son. She learned about it when the story was circulating through social media. She claims that she was not informed of the death of Kevin. The news was shared via social media.

Kevin has one daughter who is the first woman he married. The baby is born on the 11th of January 2001. He has parental responsibility with his former wife. One time in 2021, a young girl on social media claimed that her name was Kevin Samuel’s daughter and gave birth on June 29, 2000. Later, however certain of her assertions were found to be to be false.

How did Kevin die?

A resident from Kevin’s house said that Kevin was suffering from chest pain. She tried to help him , but when he was down, he had fallen off. Then she dialed 911. Atlanta department police stated they received a call on Thursday , the morning of someone who was injured in the area of Ferry Road East Paces NE.

Kevin Samuel’s agewas sixty-six at the time of his death. As the authorities arrived at this scene, Samuel was arrested as Samuel and he began to lose consciousness. He was transported into Piedmont Hospital.


This article will give you specific details regarding Kevin’s life as a person and his family. The details about his relationship with his wife isn’t available. Kevin got married three times, and had one daughter with his first wife. Following his divorce from his spouse, he became reported to be having an affair. Click here for more information on Kevin.

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