Wordle Hint For April 14 Read The Steps To Find The Answer!


This is an article containing the Wordle Hint April 14 and proper answer with guidelines of rules of Wordle.      

Is Wordle a known game to you? Are you interested in playing Wordle anytime, anywhere? As we all know, that this is interesting just because it has a new word every new day. Wordle can be based on any aspect of your life. 

That’s the reason this game is famous in Australia. Some day you may find it based on your favorite topic. So, let’s see by joining the threads what’s the Wordle Hint April 14. 

What are the hints attached with today’s Wordle? 

  • The first and very basic hint is that today’s word contains two vowels at a time in it. 
  • This Wordle is the 299th Wordle in the whole series, and the first word is M. 
  • The wordle word of 14th April 2022 ends at E. 
  • If we talk about the hint given as a bonus, then it is the meaning of today’s word. 
  • Today’s word’s meaning is to do a little piece of something, especially food.

Guessed word from Wordle Hint April 14. 

As a reader, you must have read the article till now to get a good and proper hint for today’s Wordle. Don does not consider these hints as spoilers. They are here to help you with today’s wordle. We have found that today’s Wordle is not a hard one to guess. 

Players can get it easily once they focus on today’s hint properly. Through Instagram, we have found that today’s words can be guessed easily by the players somehow. So the answer for 299 Wordle will be revealed via this Wordle Hint April 14 in this article, and the answer of 14th April 2022 is MINCE.

That’s a perfect guess, according to the hints we can say. It’s time to congratulate all the players who got there and were able to grab an answer for today’s Wordle. 

Why is 14th April Wordle Trending? 

The Wordle for today is an easy word, and the hints attached to it are so accurate and fit exactly. Many of the players were able to guess it properly and quickly. So, after guessing the word according to their understanding and Wordle Hint April 14.

They are reaching out to different websites to cross-check their guess to be sure that today’s word is trending because of these concerns. 

Rules and Guidelines of Wordle. 

  • If your guessed box changes into green, your guess is correct and placed at the correct place.
  • If you have guessed a letter, but the box is in yellow, then it means that you have not placed it in the correct box.
  • If your guess is incorrect, the box will turn grey.


To find the answer for the 14th April wordle, the Wordle Hint April 14 is that it contains 2 vowels. The last letter should end up with E. The first letter should be M. And, the meaning is doing something little, mainly for food. 

Comment below and let us know if you have guessed the word correctly or not. Get your chance to guess the word by Playing Wordlehere.