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About Zitekla-SA:

Zitekla-SA is also called Gertrude Simmons Bonno. She was a writer from Yankton Dakota and the editor of the Yankton Dakota newspaper, translator, activist in politics and musician. Her birth date was February 22nd 1876.

She wrote a few poems that dealt against her identity as a woman of color. Through her work, they became powerful activists of Americans. Her works include Opera Sun Dance, old Indian myths, stories about the American Indian etc. The entire thing took place in the 20th century.

Working alongside William F. Hanson American Musician, she composed songs for Sun Dance, the first Indian Opera and Libretto. In 1926, she was a co-founder of the National Council of Americans Indian. The Zitekla-SA century was a significant contribution to the indigenous Indians as well as their right to rights as well as its own heritage and culture. In addition, he has contributed to the literary works


* She was a part of in the very premiere American Indian Opera.

* She was one of the members of the founding committee of the National Council of Americans Indian.

* published a compilation of American culture as well as autobiographical autobiographical tales.

The publication also includes political works.

* She was an active political figure.

* She was considered an influential militants of the 20th century.


Zitekla-SA overcame the difficulties she portrayed in her childhood in her work. She allowed the world to see her struggles and the challenges that all people was faced with during the preservation of heritage and culture. Based on her experiences at an all-white school she wrote a novel called School Days of Indian girl.

The book understand how they had to conform to the dominant white culture. The Zitkla-SA era wrote many works of literature on its emotional connection to the opposing of India India. I was stabbed in the name of religion, and these were later reprinted on her stories.

Her writings reflected the predominant policies that governed the White Government in the sense that the religion of their government was a priority and as the schools was regarded as an outsider who was not a state foreigner.

Final decision

Zitekla-SA was a brilliant writer, and also a powerful activist and influencer who sided against the white ruling class and decided it a priority to preserve their culture and their history. Through a variety of stories, books led to unfair justice for everyone white. Because they were denied justice, and were treated like outsiders. Each of her magazines is a reflection of authentic experiences written through words.

He wrote about not just her own experiences but also the experiences of others. The way they were treated in school, and also because of the white principle and Christianity was imposed on them.

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