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Quincy Height of Isaiah post provides details about the basketball drama that is becoming well-known among basketball fans.

Quincy Isaiah is getting all the attention because of his role as Magic Johnson in the sports drama Winning Time. The show premiered on the 6 March, and earned an approval score of 86 percent.

Basketball fans in Canada and the United States and Canada will be able to watch their favorite player Magic Johnson through this series. The popularity of basketball has also been rubbing off on the sports drama. Up to now three episodes of this show have been broadcast on television.

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Specific Details

  • Full Name – Quincy Isaiah
  • Gender – Male
  • Height 6’3 inches
  • Nationality – American
  • Profession – Actor
  • Instagram active name – quincyisaiah
  • Single/ Marries – Single
  • Age Between 25 and 35 years old
  • Parents – Gregory and Delores Crosby
  • Schooling -Muskegon High School.
  • Higher Education – Kalamazoo College

Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson:

  • Quincy Isaiah has become a famous name thanks to his role in the new hit show Winning Time.
  • In the show, Quincy played the character of a young Johnson in the series, who tries to beat his team in matches. He played a role in helping Lakers Club won five championships between 1980 and 1988.
  • The role of portraying the personality of the best basketball player ever isn’t an easy feat.

Quincy Height of Isaiah as well as other specifics

He is 6 feet and 3 inches and his weight is 127 pounds currently. The average age of the tallest star is 25 and is similar to the character portrayed by the actor.

Quincy is playing in his dream role right now which is also his first performance in the world of acting. He graduated from the business school in the year 2017 and moved from New York to Los Angeles to find work in the theatre field.

At first, he was unable to find employment for two years before he was granted the first time to rest in the year 2019. His athletic background assisted him during his training time and the coach was impressed by his endurance and ability.

Quincy Isaiah Height , physique and other characteristics helped him get the character of Johnson in the show. Also, he played soccer during his youth, which allowed him to portray the role of a basketball player.

Winning Time: Rise of Lakers Club:

This sports show Winning Time was created by Max Bornstein and is shown on the HBO channel on Sundays. There are ten episodes total, of which three have been broadcast to date. In the third episode of 20th March arrival into the life of Magic Johnson is shown along with the ongoing efforts to find an assistant coach for the team.

Quincy Isaiah Height team found that the story of Winning Times has featured three main protagonists: Jerry West, Jerry Buss as well as Magic Johnson. In the episode’s final scene in which a heated debate begins in the middle between coach Jerry West and Jerry Buss and leads to the surprise departure of coach Jerry West.

The club was into a frenzy as the training camp was due to start in just three weeks.

The final verdict

Based on our extensive study, we are able to say his height Quincy Isaiah is 6.3 feet and he is 25 years old. Anyone looking forward to watching the new episode will be able to catch the show on the 27th of March via HBO. HBO network.

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