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Go through the review to discover the most important legitimacy factors and the numbers that apply to the Home Choice Warranty..

Are you concerned about the repair or replacement of expensive appliances? Have you ever heard of the choicehome warranty.com website? This site provides 24/7 support to provide the appliances you pay for regular service and repairs with no need for an additional period of time.

They’ll send you expert and speedy technicians for your appliances. With their outstanding service, many customers are from United States are searching for their contact info and testimonials. Therefore, we will provide you the information about the Home Choice Warranties, 24 hours a day for further actions.

24 hour warranty information

Many high-cost appliance users willingly seek choicehomewarranty.com all time working, i.e., 24 hours 7 weeks and 365 days service contact details. Use the following contact information to reach them:

  • Service Department – (888)-373-7924
  • Customer support & Claim – (888)-531-5403
  • Address – 2147 Route 27 South, 4th Floor, Edison, NJ 08817.

You can go to the official website (given in the section below that concludes) and fill out the contact form for their 24 hours a day support for your appliance. When you file your claim, the company will follow two options. Let’s get more specific on these options.

Steps to Take Claim to the Home Choice Guarantee 24 hours a day

  • First, you must select a reasonable insurance plan. It is a 30-day waiting time to start and insurance coverages.
  • After that, you can begin by claiming your protection. This can be done by following the steps below.
  1. Contact them at the numbers (888)-373-7924 or (888)-531-5403 and then file your claim.
  2. A different option would be to go to the official website (mentioned in the end) as well as follow the following steps.
  • Make sure you reach the bottom of the page.
  • Select Request Service,
  • Enter your email address and policy number and proceed according to the windows of guidance to submit your home Choice warranty 24/7 claim.

Do you think this is a trustworthy store?

  • The domain is very long-standing, i.e., created on the 19th of May, 2008.
  • It has received many positive reviews from its customers.
  • The score of trust on this website is extremely high, i.e., 90 percent.
  • It also has other trusted certificates from reviewing portals. These are available on official websites.
  • The owner’s information was discovered hidden within WHOIS paid services.
  • It is active on social media channels for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The only drawback is that the owner’s information are hidden. Nevertheless it is possible to declare the legitimacy of this website due to the credibility factors described earlier.

Home Choice Warranty 24/7 Reviews

We have found a lot of positive feedback from our current customers. We’ll give you some comments in the form of pointers to provide more information about its services.

  • The personnel they send are extremely knowledgeable and friendly in providing the services.
  • Because they are already on a schedule, many say that firms are willing to meet their the schedules of their customers round-the-clock.

Based on the above information from the above, we can conclude that the business is doing excellent job in offering services.


Our analysis on this website says the possibility that customers are able to benefit from easy Home Choice Warranty, which is available 24/7service according to your timetable. Be aware that you shouldn’t book any service from your side because they won’t provide you with an opportunity to claim according to their policy.

Have you filed an offer from this business or attempted to make claims from them? Share your experience in the comments below