Sellia Crystal Tunnel Ring Find The Map Directions Here


It is the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Ring is located to North Sellia in Caelid Caelid, the city of Sorcery

Sellia Crystal Ring is an investigation and an extravagant game that has gained recognition worldwide..

In order to reach the area early it is necessary to get the treasure chest open. It will assist you in transforming your turn into smoke and it will lead you to the mine.

Read the whole article to find out more what you can about Sellia Crystal Tunnel Ring loot and other items that are the most secure and reliable map, the latest material magic, the necessary equipment, an alternative entrances, and the main entrance, based on our study and conclusion for the reader.

the Drops items as well as loot

  • Cracked Crysta
  • Item Drops and Loot
  • 5 Golden Rune
  • Cracked Crystal
  • Cuckoo Flintstone
  • 5 Smithing Stone
  • Rock Blaster
  • Gravity Stone Fan
  • 4 Somber Smithing Stone
  • Dragon Wound Grease
  • Golden Rune (4)
  • Rot Grease
  • Gravity Stone Chunk

The Legitimate Map for Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel

  • Here are the steps you need to follow to follow if you find yourself stuck on the field of Elden Ring:-
  • Go right from the shack that was spawned and later flew off down steps.
  • Take a right and allow the drip to fall.
  • Get the grace off your side.
  • Teleport back in after walking out of the cave in a wild adventure.
  • If you have to go back inside, you can use the interactive map as your guide.


  • 5 Smithing Stone
  • Somber Smithing Stone (5)
  • 7. Smithing Fallingstar Beast drop Stone
  • Somber Smithing Stone (6)
  • Somber Smithing Stone (4)
  • The unique, unique keys and ashes are
  • (Fallingstar Drop of Beast)
  • Bell Bearing Somberstone Miner’s (1)

Sellia Crystal Tunnel Ring Magic and other equipment

  • Rock Blaster
  • Dragonwound Grease
  • Rune Arc
  • Faithful Canvas Talisman


  • To go beyond the area and extend caelid, here are some suggestions for you:
  • It is possible to get there before you have time by unlocking the chest inside the ruin of the Dragon-burnt.
  • Then, you’ll be covered in smoke, and then transport you to the mine.
  • Be aware of the enemy within you They could play with you.

WALKTHROUGH into the central Dungeon

It is believed that, in this area you have entered the dungeon through Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel ,

  • Go north to The Site Of Grace. climb up the ladder to climb up to the cavern.
  • There are many of your enemies digging or mining crystals.
  • You could weaken them through piercing attacks as well as the power of magic to defeat them.
  • They are invulnerable to attacks of other types.
  • Ascend upwards, aiming toward the slope to the right.
  • Be wary of the snazzy miners as you travel.
  • To the left when you reach the top there is a building of storage.


In Sellia crystal mine, the process of mining of crystal is accompanied by hungry and aggressive insects. In the Elden Ring, one can find the site of a Sellia Crystal Tunnel Ring that is located within and close to Caelid. The chest is located in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins.

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