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This article provides an extensive review of the arduous trip and unexpected news about Josh Australian Survivor.

Have you seen the news of an Australian survivor’s wife becoming pregnant? Do you know the positive news Josh has brought back to his home country? If not, read below to find out more details.

The people of Australiaare grateful and happy with the latest news that has brought tears to numerous tribes. In the face of many immune problems, Josh had stepped into the realm of miracles. As per reports that his wife is expecting.

This article outlines the situation of the tribals as well as Australia and also the recent report that Josh Australian Survivor becoming pregnant with his wife.

Josh Talk on Tribals

In the year of Australian survivor Josh Millgate, what’s the 10th participant who was inducted on the 27th of January 2021 for the bloody fifth survival in the water solo? Josh has turned 31 and is from Melbourne. As a professional who was late the pilot was who was selected to the blood V water in 2022, and is active in the ranks.

The result is that Josh discusses the survival techniques he endured and learned from. In a bid to win 5 lakh dollars in the grand prize, Josh has endured all seasons and rough times in the journey to the tribesman world.

Find out more about the current state that is the case of Josh Australian wife, a survivor wife!

Josh’s Wife Pregnancy Reveal

The final episode of Sunday’s episode revealed the fact that Josh Millgate turned emotional due to the announcement the pregnancy of his wife. In the course of the episode when he was receiving an unexpected letter from the family that contained the ultrasound images. Then, he was overcome with emotion and burst into tears when he realized that he was going to be soon a father.

His wife writes a note to thank him for letting his dream become a reality. He also invited a few friends to the date she was hoping for! Josh admits that they have faced many challenges because of his wife’s health problems.

Josh Australian Survivorhad an IVF test that came positive.

Baby’s date of birth

The ultrasound as well as IVF results came back positive, the couple has plans to look forward to a brighter future. Saige wife of his writes in the letter after consulting with the doctor, the dates they have announced are between May 2022 and. According to her personal estimation they anticipate the baby to arrive by the 22nd of May 2022.

Saige also wants Josh to be present on the scheduled day and not be late for the sake of disrupting his Australian show Survivor. In a state of emotional reaction to the news, Josh got excited and officially announced the news about the show at the start of Monday’s show.

Josh Australian Survivor Reaction

In the cast, Josh and his friend’s gadget for making announcements. During the Sunday show night, you will receive an email by the professor. The most recent version of the letter pacifies the pregnancy test for his fiancee Saige. When he read the heartfelt letter, he began crying and was overwhelmed with gratitude.

The excitement of his wife was also evident on the morning show of Monday when he shared the amazing news about his wife’s pregnancy!


The conclusion of this newspaper is this newspaper Australian Survivor 2022 cast is involved in a variety of ways. They’ve even been enthralled by the emotional bonds and amazing news that they have received during the show..

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