UMALL TECHNOLOGY S.A.R.L – Check The Reviewed Guide To Know More!


This is why you are here. You may have come across a site called UMALLTECHNOLOGY S.A.R.L and want to know if it is scam or real. You are in the right spot if so. This UMALLTECHNOLOGY review will reveal the truth about all websites using this company name.

Websites with UMALLTECHNOLOGY SA.A.R.L are either scams or problem sites for the following reasons:

Heavy Discounts:

Sites with the company name UML TECHNOLOGY SRL often sell items at ridiculously low prices. If you see a site that sells products at ridiculously low prices, it is likely that they are a scam.

Site Security

These websites are not properly secured. They don’t provide security measures such as McAfee and Norton. They even tried to fool potential customers by using fake trust seal logos from McAfee and Norton. These websites can steal your financial and personal information.

Social Media

These sites don’t have any social media icons. Many of these sites have fake social media icons which will take you to the pages of their respective social media sites. It is important to know that most legitimate online shops provide social media icons linking to their business-related social media pages, groups, or profiles.

Duplicate content

Copy-paste content can be found on all websites that include this company name. You can even find their policy pages like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Refund Policies, etc. These are copied-pasted. These sites also contain the URLs of other websites and email addresses that are related to domain names. This happened because they copied those details from other sites.

Commonly Scammed Products:

Many of the items being sold by these sites can be found to have been stolen from scam websites that sell similar products with identical images and details.

Customer Complaints and Refund Policy:

Sites with the same company name are subject to a lot of complaints from clients about poor quality products they deliver. These sites are known for their poor customer service and delivery of products that look completely different to what is advertised. Clients have complained about the high price of these items. Clients also complain about the slow delivery times and ineffective refund policy, which prevents them from getting a full refund. Some clients also complained that they didn’t receive their products from these sites.

Previous Scamming Record

Many sites that carry this company’s name don’t deliver the products customers ordered. Instead, they ship completely different items at a much lower price. They are scams.

They are not considered to be problematic sites as they only deliver the low-quality duplicates of the items customers have bought from them.

Many sites using this company name were already closed down after scammers concocted many victims. New sites using this company name appear from time to time. You can save your time and avoid all sites that have the company name .

Examples Of Sites using UMALL TECHNOLOGY S.A.R.L:

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We conclude that all websites with UMALL TECHNOLOGY SRL is a scam. If you come across a site that has this company name, please let us know by commenting below. We are happy to help you avoid online scamming and will gladly hear from you.

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Avoid buying items at ridiculously low prices to avoid falling for scams online. Verify the contact details on any site. Avoid those that don’t have them.