When Is the Best Time of Year to Go to Costa Rica?


It should come as no surprise that visitation to Costa Rica has climbed back to almost 70% of pre-pandemic levels in the past year, with around 1 million travelers making the trip. Known for its gorgeous volcanic terrain and beautiful cloud forests, it’s easy to see why tourists who are hungry for travel are visiting some of the best places in Costa Rica.

Of course, if you’re getting ready to jump on the bandwagon, you’re probably asking yourself one key question: “When is the best time of year to go to Costa Rica?”

The answer is more complicated than you might expect! Let’s take a look at a few key things to know as you start planning a vacation there.

Wet Season vs. Dry Season

Costa Rica has two tropical seasons each year.

December through April is what’s known as the “dry season,” a time of year when there is less rainfall. The high temperatures during this time of year make it especially popular with vacationers.

From May to November is the “wet season,” also known as the “green season.” During this time, you’ll see heavier rainfall, and the vegetation will become lush and green.

Tourist Season

As you might expect, there are often far more tourists visiting Costa Rica during its dry season than its wet season: no one wants to spend their vacation in the rain! January and February, in particular, are among the most popular months to travel to Costa Rica.

While that might seem like a key indicator of when you should go, there are a few reasons you might not want to follow the crowd.

The first reason is the crowd itself: many popular travel destinations tend to be overrun with tourists during this time, which can make some aspects of your trip louder or more frustrating. Second, prices tend to be higher during peak tourist season, which may eat into your budget. Luxury accommodations like vistahermosaestate might be booked far out in advance!

The Best Time of Year to Go to Costa Rica

It should be obvious from the travel tips above that there’s no single best time to go to Costa Rica. Your trip should depend on the cost, the weather, the duration, and your schedule. In some cases, you may prefer to visit during peak season for a special event or deal.

However, if you’re not sure when to visit, it’s often a safe bet to visit during the transition between the dry and wet seasons in November to December. In general, May to mid-December sees the fewest foreign visitors. Another great time to go is during the shoulder season from mid-June to August when visitation is just beginning to climb.

Visiting during these times can offer lower prices, more availability flexibility, and fair weather.

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Make the Most of Your Trip

With something for everyone, Costa Rica is a great destination for your next trip—as long as you time your travel wisely. Though there’s no single best time to visit, the insights above can help you decide the best time of year to go to Costa Rica for your specific preferences. Whether you’re hoping to jump in during peak tourist season or experience the lush wildness of the green season, there’s plenty to love about this stunning getaway.

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