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Learn about the specifications of the product, the benefits and drawbacks of a lightweight Sweeper. Also, look up the exclusive Zippi Sweeper reviews..

Have you been cleaning the house with a mop (or) dustpan? Do you still use cloths to remove the mess that has accumulated? Are you finding it difficult to utilize a powerful vacuum cleaner? It is the Zippi Sweeper has long design that makes it easier to clean the dust underneath your furniture. Zippi Sweeper is five times larger than the average vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, Zippi sweepers can be easily stored.

Before purchasing Zippi Sweeper in the United States, read Zippi Sweeper Reviews.


Zippi Sweeper is rechargeable and wireless sweeper. Zippi Sweeper is lightweight and compact. Zippi Sweeper is 360 degrees Omnidirectional cleaning.

Zippi Sweeper can be used to remove any mess from carpets, hard floors, across baseboards in any angle. It gets rid of dust and dirt hairs, crumbs and hairs watery vegetables as well as broken glasses, confetti, and all other dry debris.

This Zippi Sweeper uses advanced tri-brush technology. Zippi Sweeper consists of a unique triangular head. Each facet of the triangular-shaped head has a brush.

Each brush rotates at a rapid speed, creating a dusty surface. This review of Zippi Sweeper Review shows that it comes with an easy-release dirt tray that is employable at the touch of a button.

The large vacuum cleaners can leave behind the mess that is at the corners on the surface. However, Zippi Sweeper also contains an edge spinner which assists in moving the debris in corners. It also helps the spinning brush remove the dirt from corners.

How do I utilize it?

  1. Switch on the clean button for Zippi’s Sweeper.
  2. The Zippi Sweeper on the surface you’d like to scrub.
  3. When the cleaning is finished After cleaning is completed, dispose of the dirt tray into the trash.
  4. Recharge the Zippi Sweeper.

Zippi Sweeper Reviews on its Specifications:

  • Name: Zippi Sweeper
  • Buy at:
  • Original Price: $89.99
  • Discounted Price: $74.99. Shipping and handling costs are an additional charge
  • Garantie: Money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Operation Time: for 30 minutes due to the battery’s charge
  • Charge time 10 hours, approximately
  • Dimensions of the package: 13.5x 11.61x 3.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Intersell Ventures LLC
  • Brand: Zippi


  • Zippi Sweeper is a better alternative to cleaning your surface using the broom.
  • It’s possible to operate for 30 minutes, which gives enough time to clean your home


  • Zippi Sweeper is advertised as more efficient than the vacuum. However, Zippi Sweeper Reviews confirmed that it’s not a vacuum but an efficient sweeper.
  • Zippi Sweeper can’t be able to hold large amounts of dust since it’s dirt tray tiny
  • Zippi Sweeper is not useful to clean liquids

Does it work? Worth it?

If you’re unaware about the benefits that come with Zippi Sweeper, let us examine the product and its name to determine whether Zippi Sweeper is value for money.


  • Intersell Ventures LLC manufactures Zippi Sweeper for the Zippi brand.
  • Intersell Ventures LLC is more than 14 years old and is producing a range of products. This aspect is taken into consideration to be a major factor Zippi Sweeper Review.
  • is the official website, has achieved an average score of 60%..
  • has an Zero Alexa ranking.
  • registration expires in July 2022.

Information about the item:

  • Zippi Sweeper is sold on that has an average 50% trust score and a great Alexa ranking at 173,910.
  • Zippi Sweeper is also sold at various stores and around the world.
  • The feedback received is positive from customers on the web.
  • If you’re looking to stay clear of dustpans and brooms Zippi Sweeper is a great option.

Zippi Sweeper along with its name Zippi are genuine as Zippi Sweeper reviews review onfound the item was praised by a large number of customers who left favorable reviews, and Zippi is sold on a variety of online shopping websites.

Customer Reviews:

Three YouTube reviews provided mixed reviews regarding Zippi Sweeper. The company has 561 customer reviews that are available online giving Zippi Sweeper 4.5 stars.

As and are not present on social media, no reviews were found for Zippi Sweeper on social platforms.


Zippi Sweeper has been proven to be a genuine product, as proven from Zippi Sweeper Reviewers. It’s available on numerous online stores and 561 buyers have left positive reviews. Zippi Brand is authentic since its products branded by the company are sold on several shopping websites. is a genuine site with an average trust score and great Alexa ranking.