49730116 Error What is Error Code 49730116? Bugs & Fixes Explained!


The guide outlines the most frequently encountered bugs that are affecting users, and the fixes that are available for this 49730116 error message.

NBA 2K20 is the popular basketball simulation video game that was published in the year 2000 by 2K Sports. It is based upon the National Basketball Association or NBA. The games multiplayer is available on every major gaming console however, users of PS4 have encountered a unique type of error when trying to launch the game using their console.

Gamers have complained that they’re receiving issues when negotiating with Gatorade Sponsor regarding offers on their MyCareer option. This is an issue with the server that is affecting players across America. United States.

All PS4 players are now focusing on finding the correct solution for the 49730116 error code. 49730116 error message

What is Error Code 49730116?

Error Code 49730116 is a latest type of error that has been affecting players of their PS4 gaming console. According to gamers experiencing an error while launching the MyCareer option within basketball 2K20.

The error code appears to affect a number of games across the United States. After encountering the issue, players took to the online forums and social media to express their frustrations. According to accounts, gamers are facing issues when connecting to internet-based services.

The players claimed that they’re getting Error Code 49730116 while trying to talk with Gatorade Sponsors in the MyCareer Option of the game.

How can I fix 49730116 error error code?

Error Code 49730116 refers to the network-related error you encounter when you click MyCareer. MyCareer option to talk to Gatorade Sponsor. After reviewing, we discovered that the error was affecting many users, and it is a known error that is appearing periodically.

There aren’t any immediate solutions to fix this issue. However certain users have offered methods that have been proven to correct the issue.

One user suggested that they had the 4-9730116 error could be fixed if you continuing to make them decline offers, or negotiating offers. will fix the error.

After the use of this trick, numerous users have reported that the glitch has been corrected as it has worked for them. However, many users are afraid of losing the deals after using the trick. However, they should be confident that they will receive back their money as the offer is not a permanent loss.

How Are People Reacting to the Error?

After conducting an online search our findings, we discovered that a lot of users have an error code of 49730116 error message and took to the forum for discussion to discuss their experiences as well as find solutions.

There are many people who share their experiences, and asking questions about the solutions to fix the issue. Video tutorials are also available that include a variety of comments. The tutorials are used by people to identify the problem and determine the correct solutions to fix the error.


NBA 2K20 fans are afflicted by the common error code 49730116 that prevents players from negotiating Gatorade Sponsorship through The MyCareer option.

But, it’s an issue with the server connection that can be corrected with the help of the techniques above. Be assured that you’ll not lose any discounts since they’re not lost forever. Gamers should know the things to do when faced with an error to resolve it, and have fun playing.