10×13 Poly Mailer

10x13 Poly Mailer

Self sealing

A 10×13 poly mailer is a great choice if you’re sending packages to different locations. They are self-sealing, water-resistant, and puncture-resistant, and are easy to use. This is a great choice for people who are sending items from home to friends and family.

Self sealing poly mailers are an effective way to protect your packages from moisture during shipping. They are strong, puncture and tear-resistant, and come in a variety of sizes. They’re made from a high-grade polyolefin material, and feature a silver-lined interior for easy identification.

Poly mailers come in various sizes, so shoppers can choose the right size based on what they’re shipping. These boxes can be as small as 10 x 13 inches, or as large as 19 x 24 inches. Some of these mailers also have padding on the inside for added protection.

Water resistant

Water resistant 10×13 poly mailer envelopes offer a lightweight and durable solution for packaging and shipping your items. They feature white exteriors and grey interiors, are tear and puncture resistant, and are a good choice for shipping clothing and other items.

These mailers also come in a variety of sizes. The 10×13 flex-and-seal shipping roll is available in sizes of 10, 20, and 50 feet long. Once you cut the flex-and-seal roll to the correct size, simply fold over the product, and press the sides together to seal it.

Puncture resistant

When you’re in need of a puncture-resistant 10×13 poly mailer, consider this model. It is made of thick, puncture-resistant film and includes a strong self-adhesive strip for securing packages.

With a 2.5 mil thickness, the 10-inch x 13-inch Puncture-Resistant Poly Mailer offers excellent protection for your products. Its silver-grey inner layer helps maintain confidentiality, and its strength and durability will withstand puncturing and tears.

Easy to use

When mailing your t-shirt designs, you need the right size poly mailer. The 10×13 size can fit four to five large t-shirts. Poly mailers also resist punctures and tears, which makes them an ideal choice for shipping softer items. In addition, they are lightweight, and can also handle moisture and debris.

For online businesses and personal use, the size 10×13 poly mailer is ideal for shipping a variety of items. The peel and stick design is convenient and makes them ideal for a variety of purposes. The large size of this mailer makes them an excellent choice for shipping non-fragile items.

Time saving

A poly mailer is a great way to send bulk packages and other items in a time-efficient manner. These boxes come in different sizes and are inexpensive, usually around $0.25 per unit.

Poly mailers are strong, lightweight, waterproof, and puncture resistant. They also feature pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides a sturdy closure. Because they’re so lightweight and durable, poly mailers are a great choice for items that don’t require a lot of padding.