3 Biggest Partnerships in Online Gaming of the Decade


Gaming is an evolving industry. Gaming industry giants constantly acquire other game developers in an effort to expand their reach.

These tech titans are ready to do anything to win glory, whether it’s to control the market, move to mobile devices or bring new games to live casino Canada. Here are the top gaming and iGaming deals of the century.

Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard

Microsoft announced in January 2022 the acquisition Activision Blizzard. The sum? It was worth more than $87 billion Canadian dollars, making it the largest gaming purchase of all time. This allowed Microsoft to be the third-largest gaming corporation. Tencent and Sony are the second and third largest companies, respectively.

Microsoft now has some of the most popular gaming titles ever, including Doom and Fallout.

Although many are skeptical about the benefits of this transaction Microsoft has announced that its player base will grow to over 400 million players in 190 countries. This makes it the ideal platform to launch its Game Pass membership.

Take-Two Interactive Zynga Buying

Why would Take-Two Interactive buy Zinga, an award-winning gaming company that has titles such as Red Dead Redemption? We thought exactly the same thing when we saw the $16 billion CAD acquisition by gaming giant Zinga.

Once you dig into the details, however, Take-Two will make it clear what its goal is. The company that controls GTA seems to want to move some of its games onto mobile platforms. What better way to do this than to acquire one of the most respected mobile gaming studios in the world?

Take-Two Interactive may also be looking to change its business model. Some sources claim that the company is looking to move to mobile platforms because they make more money from games on them. Microtransactions in mobile gaming are not a problem for most players, which leads to greater turnover and higher profits.

Evolution Gaming purchases NetEnt

Evolution Gaming was authorized by the UK Competition and Markets Authority and Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority to purchase NetEnt at $2.6 billion CAD.

Evolution will now have full control over NetEnt’s amazing portfolio of slot machines following the acquisition. It is clear that the goal is to make NetEnt the largest iGaming provider worldwide while also expanding into new markets such as Canada and the US.

Evolution also speaks of streamlining, integrating and reorganising NetEnt’s internal structure. This means that we will likely see some incredible titles released very soon.


Gaming partnerships can provide a tremendous boost to the industry. They can improve the company’s portfolio and support the release of new titles. Tech giants are making acquisitions that will enable them to reach new markets and countries, as well as platforms like mobile gaming. Let’s see what happens.