Asana Software VS BQE Core – Check The Latest Features and Demos


It is said necessity is the source of invention. In the case of BQE, it is BQE Core is a consequence of one of these stories too. It came to light in 1995, when an engineer was looking to simplify the billing procedures associated with engineering projects. Asana software is incredibly useful. Asana program is intriguing because it was designed to streamline the workflows of agile teams , without restricting their flexibility and growth.

This BQE Core compares Asana review of software will focus on the three main elements of each: demos, features as well as pricing.

BQE Core

BQE Core is used in various industries:

  • Legal
  • Consultants
  • Government Contractors
  • Engineering
  • Architect

The reason so many people trust BQE Core project management software is because it can integrate specific tools for resolving the billing and accounting processes. Here are a few of the most popular tools:


  • Time and Expense Tracking

To begin the users have access to sophisticated and pre-populated timesheets. They can also be set to specific dates in order to keep track of your work in accordance with their specific deadlines. If you’re looking to ensure that everyone remains on task and on track, you can issue reminders or ask for updates.

You can record each hour of work with information like overheads and time-offs. BQE Core integrates timecards , so it’s easy to keep track of details like payrolls, as well as the process of invoicing.

You can also create timesheets and save them manually the time in case of future references. One of the advantages of this application is that it’s DCAA compliant time-tracking software, which means that legal disputes will not occur in the near future.

  • Project Tracking

There are a variety of project tracking tools available in BQE Core. BQE Core software, too. For example, your project monitor pulse can be a fantastic method to monitor the process and to ensure that everything is running in accordance with the plan. It’s also easy to link details like schedules, teams and budgets to projects that you monitor.

It allows you to control all aspects of a particular project, including cost, related tasks as well as time. To create accurate billing data The platform also gives you the capability to determine the cost of overhead, GA, or fringe in real-time.

The feature for tracking projects can also be used to monitor other aspects, like the allocation of resources. It is possible to allocate tasks among employees, without affecting the balance of workload. Resources are also informed by email to inform them of their tasks.

  • Billing

In terms of billing involved when it comes to billing, BQE Core software is a great choice for billing. BQE Core software has up to 20 templates that can aid you in the process of invoicing. It is possible to create invoices for projects, either by the hour or based upon fixed fee.

The system is completely automated, thereby reducing your time and also increasing the accuracy of your invoicing process.

  • BQE Core Software Demo

There’s a 30 minute BQE Core demo that can be requested via the website. If you’d like to know how the software can work with your business The demo may help you understand the matter.

  • BQE Core Pricing

You can request a no-cost and customized estimate for BQE Basic pricing. The price will be dependent on the requirements you have and the amount of customers that could be included in the system.

  • Asana

It is the Asana software is a highly dynamic tool for teams that are always changing. It will aid you in creating an online workspace that gives stability, even when everything else changes. Here are the top Asana features of the software for managing projects:


  • Timeline

Accessing every detail in an organized timeline could be very beneficial to agile teams. It can help to develop a plan but also offers the ability to see how tasks are interrelated. In simpler terms, the time-line feature functions as an outline of your task. There are two additional advantages from this feature too. It is the first, that you can display every task that is completed, and secondly, you can present the possible plans in advance.

If you are convinced that changes are needed, you can change things up using the easy drag-and-drop interface. In addition, the timeline is also able in order to load CVS and convert them into useful lists.

  • Boards

It is the Asana program management application incorporates the Kanban board for management in visual terms as well. There are a variety of ways in that Kanban boards help with management:

  • Plotting workflows
  • Track the stages of workflow
  • Bottlenecks that are not in the bottle.
  • Toggle between boards
  • Automated workflows
  • Goals

When you announce the goals of a project, you gain the trust of your team. Strategic goals are focused on creating projects that bring results and profits for the company. This is why the Asana project management software gives you the capability of defining goals that help the team understand the goals as well as increasing productivity. Instead of being occupied with endless tasks Your team will take on tasks that are directly connected to the tasks.

Asana Software Demo

Asana demo is a 2-minute video. Asana demonstration is 2 minute video that quickly explains the capabilities of the software to let you know what is the primary function of the application.

Asana Pricing

The Asana pricing offers the users with four options of pricing. The first is completely no cost for new users seeking to get acquainted with the features. Premium pricing is $10, while the business plan is availed at a cost of $24. The final plan is developed in accordance with the needs of your business and pricing is dependent on the amount of users that will use the program. Each pricing option incorporates the tools needed to help you meet demands for project management at different levels of business.


It is the BQE Core software vs Asana software offers robust solutions that are beneficial for entrepreneurs as well as established companies. While one is designed to address issues related problems with billing and invoicing and billing issues, the other offers the ability to handle the processes associated with projects.